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The better way to manage Salesforce data

No more slow record-by-record editing. No more exports to a spreadsheet needed.

Leverage powerful, familiar spreadsheet capabilities in Salesforce to manage your data faster than ever before.

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Use Cases

The optimal experience for data management and sales productivity.

Unleash the potential of your CRM data to drive productivity and business growth.

Bulk editing

A Sheets experience lets you edit CRM data in real-time with the best data management tools.

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Sales productivity

Personalize how you view, edit, and manage pipelines, forecasts, and custom reports.

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Data administration

Edit data without exports or local storage to maintain business-critical data hygiene.

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Why Wave

The speed and simplicity of Sheets for your CRM data management.

Finally use the best tools to edit, visualize, and analyze data right in your CRM.

Save time and effort with error-free imports

Wave drops the need for exports completely. But when you have external data to work with, our intelligent import feature does it best. Wave’s auto mapping streamlines your import and eliminates the common errors you encounter in other tools.

Leverage your data best with customizable, shareable reports

Salesforce reports and views are great for viewing but limited for editing. Wave allows you to build customizable views that are fully editable in a Google Sheets-like experience. Share these reports with colleagues to level up your team’s productivity.

Bulk editing in your CRM

Modify countless CRM records effortlessly with our user-friendly spreadsheet experience in the browser. Put an end to multi-click, line-by-line editing.

Stay on task with a to-do list right in your CRM

With Wave Activities, you can build task lists and review them for the day. Create follow ups, and clone repetitive tasks so you never miss important to-dos. A sticky note system for your CRM, so you can stay up to date without leaving it.


Wave is your new CRM productivity toolkit

Smart, intuitive productivity features at your fingertips.


Click and drag

Intuitively move objects, multi-select, and edit fields with ease.


Mass modifier

Apply one-click changes to multiple records at once.


Copy and paste

Breeze through repetitive tasks with ability to copy and paste data into fields.


Editable Salesforce Reports

Bulk edit data in right in your Salesforce report without imports or multiple steps.


Shareable Views

Create customized and shareable views in Salesforce and collaborate with your team live.


Multi-object views

View multiple objects in one view instead of clicking from one to the next.


Pipeline management

Effectively visualize, track, and update pipeline with real-time CRM data.


Sales forecasting

Develop granular sales forecasts down to a daily breakdown.


Territory realignment

Realign territories with ease to keep your sales team productive and organized


Experience the high performance of Wave.

Works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, or directly inside of Salesforce

Experience Wave inside Salesforce

Wave Embedded gives you key Wave features inside your Salesforce, so you don't have to switch tabs to get your work done.

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Wave is free

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Valorx Wave FAQs

Wave is tailored for lightweight Salesforce data management, offering a spreadsheet-like experience in your browser for fast data editing. Fusion, on the other hand, lets you interface with complex Salesforce data models, ideal for intricate tasks like forecasting and quoting by connecting your existing spreadsheets.

Valorx Wave is perfect for Salesforce admins, sales reps, operations and IT leaders aiming to swiftly manage data within Salesforce. It streamlines data updates, visualizes relationships, and enables bulk edits without long data load processes. Put simply, anyone who spends a few hours a week in Salesforce can optimize their productivity by adopting Wave.

Not at all! One of our core values at Valorx is not to reinvent the wheel, but to make it better. Wave seamlessly integrates into your existing Salesforce environment, allowing you to work faster and smarter without having to discard your current tools or workflows.

With Wave, your data never leaves Salesforce. The application maintains a two-way integration, allowing for real-time syncs and updates without the risk of data breaches. You can trust that your information remains secure while benefiting from our enhanced features.

Absolutely! Wave has a completely free plan available to all users. This means you can experience the efficiency and convenience of using Wave at no cost. The free plan for Wave has some limitations to the number of orgs, records, and custom objects you can manage, which are lifted in paid subscriptions for those who have the need.

While Wave Embedded mimics a spreadsheet interface for familiarity, you don't need to be a spreadsheet expert to utilize it. Wave Embedded is designed for intuitive use, making data management faster and more accessible for both spreadsheet novices and pros alike.

Transform your CRM data experience today.