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Meet the Valorx Team

The Valorx team is an experienced, passionate group of professionals here to solve big CRM challenges with powerful, but simple solutions.

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Meet the Valorx leadership team

In 2020, a transformative product for the Salesforce AppExchange was launched: Valorx Fusion. This combined the best of Salesforce and Excel for enhanced data management, to significantly improve the efficiency of Salesforce data management.

Since then, 4 of the Valorx founders have taken on distinct roles to grow the business and improve our products. Pranav Shah serves as CEO, Maulik Kotadiya is the VP of Product, Jerret Kasper is VP of Sales, and Kelvin Tan VP of Professional Services. In 2023, James Levin transitioned from an advisory role to the company and joined as CMO to oversee the evolution of the brand and the introduction of our second product, Valorx Wave.


Years of cumulative CRM expertise.


Fortune 500 companies onboarded by Valorx Professional Services


Office in 5 countries: US, Canada, India, Malaysia, Ukraine

Meet the Team

Valorx employee spotlight

Meet some of the people building simple but powerful products that enhance the software already used by millions of business professionals.

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