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Valorx for Salesforce owners

Simple, powerful tools for Salesforce administrators, Salesforce program owners, CPQ administrators, and others.

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Why Valorx

Why Salesforce Admins Choose Valorx

As a Salesforce admin, you know all too well that there are tools that your business needs, and sometimes those are not the same as the ones that your users are familiar with. At Valorx we set out to bring those two together. You should have the most powerful tools helping you power your business while letting users work the way they want.



Our tools are Salesforce-native, meaning they’re built precisely for the needs of Salesforce admins like you. Building our products for Salesforce from day one means deep integration and excellent support.

Secure platform

We’ve built all of our tools with one rule: we will never process your data. You keep your data in Salesforce for a reason - you trust that it will be secure. Our products work with Salesforce's Partner APIs, allowing you to work with data while all the processing happens in Salesforce.

Maximum flexibility

Our products are extensible to meet your needs. Working with any standard or custom object, we’ve designed our products to suit the way you prefer to work with Salesforce data. Whether you want to build your own custom templates, or want us to build them for you, we’ve got you covered.


Valorx solves the biggest challenges to managing Salesforce data.

Complex, High-Volume Quoting

Connect your team’s existing quoting spreadsheets to Salesforce CPQ so you can have the best of both worlds: the power and control of Salesforce with the tools that your team wants to use in Excel.

Manufacturing forecasts

Connect spreadsheets to the latest CRM data from Salesforce to forecast precisely and on time.

Salesforce-connected spreadsheets

Connect your spreadsheets to Salesforce so you can easily mass update records by the hundreds or thousands. Stop importing & exporting - work on live CRM data instead.

Smart Import

Preview, validate, and edit data before importing. Replace the rinse-and-repeat, error-heavy import process and get imports done the first time, every time.


Choose your enhanced Salesforce experience

Connect your existing spreadsheets to Salesforce or transform your Salesforce interface in an easy-to-edit grid view.


Experience Valorx Fusion

Work with live Salesforce data directly in your existing spreadsheets.


Get Valorx Wave

Bring powerful spreadsheet capabilities to your Salesforce experience.