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Connecting all the features you need to the data you trust.

Fusion turns your existing spreadsheets into your Salesforce interface. Address data complexities that exceed your CRM’s capabilities. Work on thousands of records at once. See live Salesforce data, including multiple objects in a single view. Join Salesforce with external data sources.

Use Case

Data management, complex quoting, and in-depth forecasting – better.

Using CRM-connected spreadsheets, accomplish more than ever before with your CRM data.

CRM-Connected Spreadsheets

Connect spreadsheets to directly manage live CRM data.

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Bring together the best of your tools to enable complex quoting.

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Forecasting & Planning

Improve forecasting with CRM data and Excel’s data visualization.

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Salesforce Administration

Improve data hygiene with bulk editing and eliminate exports.

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Why leading teams choose Valorx Fusion

Fusion’s efficiency saves time and costs.

We use Valorx for sales forecasting. Very powerful, highly recommend the product. Excellent customer service and exceptionally fast turnaround time.

Karthik Dosapati Data Analyst, Western Digital

"Valorx has made complicated data uploads quick and easy, saving valuable time. The implementation was quick and the support simply top notch!"

Dawn Jamieson Business Operations Manager, Nvidia

"Valorx is the best fusion of speed and functionality I have come across. I compared several competitors and Valorx was the best hands down, it's simply incredible."

Jared Dugger Senior Manager, Sales Operations, Adobe

"When it comes to data migration, I see a limitless potential to migrate CPQ master data between orgs to maintain configuration, pricing, and quoting processes without the need for lengthy data loader processing."

Ian Jones Senior Revenue Cloud Consultant, Globant

"Extremely powerful and fast. We are using Valorx as a rapid data entry tool making full advantage of the Excel features."

Luke Farbotko Global Platforms Delivery Lead, CXC Global

"This application drives user adoption across sales and operations. It is 100% native and puts the power in admins and business users with guidance from our COE."

Derek Lindbloom Sr. Director, Provider and Salesforce Solutions, VSP Global

"Very powerful tool that saves tons of time. In a few minutes you can easily create Excel apps to move data around from system to system in a fraction of the time that Salesforce Data Loader or the Import Wizard take."

Gary Sanders Principal Solution Architect, Seyfarth Lean Consulting

"With Valorx in our corner, we provide our clients yet another major reason to rely on us to deliver the solutions they need, no matter how technical, with depth and speed."

John Taunton VP of Sales, Neuro Red
Why Fusion

Fusion delivers the speed and simplicity of spreadsheets to CRM data management.

From the most complex quoting needs to robust data visualizations, Valorx Fusion handles it all.

Enhanced High-Volume Quoting and Bulk Updates

Handle thousands of quote lines at speed with bulk editing. Also, enable multi-dimensional and professional services quoting.

Fusion supports complex data models, queries, and workflows. Pull in custom objects such as rate tables, price books, and more.

Keep your existing spreadsheets

You built your spreadsheet the way you did for a reason. With Fusion, connect your sheets to live Salesforce data, and honor the controls already set in your CRM (permissions, validation rules, picklists, and more). Don’t change a thing.

Faster quote delivery to prospects and clients

Save from hours to days on building quotes. Deliver quotes to customers before your competitors do.

Powerful data visualization for improved planning and predictability

Build accurate forecasts with live CRM data, and view in different timescales. View multiple data sets in one place to develop accurate demand plans. Use complex calculations and visualizations to assess multiple outcomes.

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Check out the Valorx Templates Library

Get started with pre-built templates for quote line editing, forecasting, migration and much more.

See Fusion Templates

The freedom to work with any platform, online and offline.

Leverage your CRM data in the tools you're already using every day.



Compatible with Windows OS



Compatible with Mac OS


Google Sheets

Integrates with Google Sheets


Office Suite

Integrates with Office 365

Accelerate your Fusion implementation

Hit the ground running. Our team expedites the integration of Valorx Fusion so you can get productive faster.

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Valorx Fusion FAQs

Salesforce is a powerful CRM that tracks countless data points across the customer journey, and provides a number of tools to nurture and engage with prospects. Excel, with decades of product development behind it, remains a highly versatile, user-friendly data analysis and management tool. Connecting Salesforce to Excel with Valorx Fusion, allows you to work with all of Salesforce’s data in real time with the speed and ease of Excel. Edit in bulk, apply conditional formatting, work offline, and eliminate the need to import and export data for good.

Valorx Fusion creates a 2-way connection between your Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce. This allows you to work with Salesforce data directly in your Excel spreadsheet in real-time. When you save your work, all your Salesforce records are updated to reflect the latest changes.

Valorx Fusion eliminates the need to import or export data. It turns your Excel spreadsheet into your Salesforce interface, allowing you to manage your Salesforce data directly from your Excel spreadsheet with a seamless connection.

Valorx Fusion allows professionals to work in Excel or Google Sheets with Salesforce data and build high-volume quotes, without that data ever leaving Salesforce. This eliminates the need for moving data sets around or being entirely dependent on the Salesforce interface. Instead, professionals maintain high data hygiene and get to work the way they’re used to using Excel or Google Sheets to manage their Salesforce data.

Valorx Fusion is largely for sales administrators and revenue teams. With Valorx Fusion, Salesforce administrators can optimize the entire Salesforce experience for their organization, simplifying data management, data modeling, quote building, bundle configuring, and much more. Revenue professionals can work much more efficiently with Salesforce, using the familiar interface of a spreadsheet. That means accurate, up-to-date records in Salesforce; faster quote delivery to prospects; and more time to focus on selling instead of data entry and management.

Power your data management with Valorx Fusion.

Fusion ROI Calculator

Determine the value of using Fusion to streamline your Salesforce CPQ experience.