Make Excel the face of your CRM.

Bring Microsoft Excel to the forefront of your CRM, allowing users to manage every single CRM task and we don’t mean “every single” lightly.

If you interact with any CRM data, try Valorx – a combination of speed, amazing UI, bulk data processing, and so much more.

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Lightning Fast

Experience the Speed.

Imagine working in your CRM at blazing speed, naturally interact with Excel, Valorx will take care of the changes for you. Don’t let data volumes slow you down, process limitless tables and records.

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Design Studio

Visually Design and Orchestrate.

Valorx offers tools to visually design your business applications. Build a fast CRM UI in minutes using Valorx Design Studio. Just point, click, connect and orchestrate your business apps using our intuitive toolbox. We honestly don’t know a use case, not possible within our studio.

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Unchain with Valorx Wind.

Take advantage of running your Apps in the cloud, even schedule it and unlock limitless possibilities. Valorx Wind, our cloud solution can handle complex computation jobs, reports, high volume data processing – perfect complementary solution to your CRM.

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App Store

Why reinvent... Discover and make it your own.

Look around the brilliant app ideas, get inspired and we believe this is the fastest way into your Valorx journey. Apps are designed with your industry and role in mind. Simply pick the components of an App and our Bots will shape it per your business need.

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