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Why Valorx

There’s a better way to leverage your CRM data.

Why work outside of your CRM to edit your data?

CRM bulk editing is broken. We fixed it.

Keeping your CRM accurate is critical for your business.

Valorx lets you edit data in bulk, manage multiple object types in one place, and apply conditional formatting to flag insights. Fly through data management and focus on your real work.

“I love importing data” – No one ever

Moving data between spreadsheets and your CRM is a drag. With Valorx, you connect your existing spreadsheets to your CRM. Leverage real-time CRM data in your customized spreadsheets using features you know – without importing (or exporting) a single record.

CRMs aren’t built for complex data models. Valorx is.

Manage high-volume and/or complex data from multiple sources in one place. Bring powerful spreadsheet capabilities like formulas, pivot tables, macros, and more to your CRM. Merge the best capabilities of your key tools.

Valorx Solutions

Get the most from your CRM data with Valorx.

What does your team need?


Connect existing spreadsheets

Connect the spreadsheets you already use directly to your CRM.

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Integrate multiple data sources

Combine and manage data from multiple sources in one place.

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Manage complex data models

Use powerful visualization and spreadsheet features to organize and analyze complex data models.

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Quote Line Editor (QLE)

Build high-volume, complex quotes with thousands of lines.

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Multi-dimensional quoting

Factor in dimensions like shipping costs, delivery dates, tax rates, and more into quotes.

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Professional services quoting

Incorporate profitability, availability, PTO, hourly rates and more in every quote.

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Pipeline management

Effectively visualize, track, and update pipeline with real-time CRM data.

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Sales forecasting

Develop granular sales forecasts down to a daily breakdown.

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Territory realignment

Realign territories with ease to keep your sales team productive and organized

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Build accurate forecasts with live CRM data, and view in different timescales.

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Demand planning

View multiple data sets in one place to develop accurate demand plans.

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Scenario modeling

Use complex calculations and visualizations to assess multiple outcomes.

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Bulk data editing

Easily edit CRM records in bulk with spreadsheet functionality.

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CRM data hygiene

Eliminate the need for data imports and exports, reducing human errors, discrepancies, and duplication.

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Accurate migrations with connected spreadsheets. Audit, track, and verify at any stage of the process.

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What our customers love about Valorx

Across industries, Valorx is transforming CRM experiences for teams big and small.

"We use Valorx for sales forecasting. Very powerful, highly recommend the product. Excellent customer service and exceptionally fast turnaround time."

Karthik Dosapati Data Analyst, Western Digital

"Extremely powerful and fast. We are using Valorx as a rapid data entry tool making full advantage of the Excel features."

Luke Farbotko Global Platforms Delivery Lead, CXC Global

"Valorx has made complicated data uploads quick and easy, saving valuable time. The implementation was quick and the support simply top notch!"

Dawn Jamieson Business Operations Manager, Nvidia

"Valorx is the best fusion of speed and functionality I have come across. I compared several competitors and Valorx was the best hands down, it's simply incredible."

Jared Dugger Senior Manager, Sales Operations, Adobe

"We use Valorx for sales forecasting. Very powerful, highly recommend the product. Excellent customer service and exceptionally fast turnaround time."

Karthik Dosapati Data Analyst, Western Digital

"This application drives user adoption across sales and operations. It is 100% native and puts the power in admins and business users with guidance from our COE."

Derek Lindbloom Sr. Director, Provider and Salesforce Solutions, VSP Global

"Very powerful tool that saves tons of time. In a few minutes you can easily create Excel apps to move data around from system to system in a fraction of the time that Salesforce Data Loader or the Import Wizard take."

Gary Sanders Principal Solution Architect, Seyfarth Lean Consulting

Supercharge your Salesforce experience with Valorx