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Wave Embedded

Spreadsheet features for your data, right in Salesforce.

Get your work done in Salesforce faster with Wave Embedded. Inline editing & mass updates along with familiar spreadsheet capabilities to better handle your CRM data and save time for the work that drives your business forward.

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Use Cases

The optimal experience for data management and sales productivity, inside Salesforce.

Unleash the potential of your CRM while driving productivity where you already get your work done.

Bulk editing

A Sheets experience lets you edit CRM data in real-time with the best data management tools.

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Sales productivity

Personalize how you view, edit, and manage pipelines, forecasts, and custom reports.

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Data administration

Edit data without exports or local storage to maintain business-critical data hygiene.

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Why Wave Embedded

The power and flexibility of spreadsheets, inside Salesforce.

A new way to edit, visualize and analyze your data in Salesforce.

Bulk editing in your CRM

Modify countless CRM records effortlessly with our user-friendly spreadsheet experience inside Salesforce. Put an end to multi-click, line-by-line editing.

Pristine CRM data hygiene

Cut down human error, data discrepancies, and duplicates by eliminating a need for exporting data and editing it offline.

Pipeline management and forecasting

Seamlessly manage rep-by-rep pipelines and pull accurate sales forecasts on demand.

Simplified territory realignment

Realign territories effortlessly without exporting, keeping your sales teams organized and productive.


Wave is your new CRM productivity toolkit

Smart, intuitive productivity features at your fingertips.


Click and drag

Intuitively move objects, multi-select, and edit fields with ease.


Mass modifier

Apply one-click changes to multiple records at once.


Copy and paste

Breeze through repetitive tasks with ability to copy and paste data into fields.


Multi-object views

View multiple objects in one view instead of clicking from one to the next.


Conditional formatting

Highlight the data that needs your attention to get your work done faster.


Customizable views

Customize your grid views with robust sorting, filtering and grouping capabilities.


Pipeline management

Effectively visualize, track, and update pipeline with real-time CRM data.


Sales forecasting

Develop granular sales forecasts down to a daily breakdown.


Territory realignment

Realign territories with ease to keep your sales team productive and organized.

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Valorx Wave Embedded FAQs

Wave and Wave Embedded are both tailored for lightweight Salesforce data management, offering a spreadsheet-like experience for your CRM. The key difference is that Wave is available as a Chrome or Edge browser extension, whereas Wave Embedded gives you the Wave experience inside Salesforce.

We built Wave Embedded as an alternate Wave experience for people that want to use key Wave features directly in Salesforce. With a Wave Pro subscription (required for Wave Embedded), you get access to both experiences. You can use either or both as needed, depending on whichever makes your workflow the most productive.

Valorx Wave Embedded is perfect for Salesforce admins, sales reps, operations and IT leaders aiming to quickly and easily manage data in Salesforce. It streamlines data updates, visualizes relationships, and enables bulk edits without long data load processes. Put simply, anyone who spends a few hours a week in Salesforce can optimize their productivity by adopting Wave Embedded.

Not at all! One of our core values at Valorx is not to reinvent the wheel, but to make it better. Wave seamlessly integrates into your existing Salesforce environment, allowing you to work faster and smarter without having to discard your current tools or workflows.

With Wave Embedded, your data never leaves Salesforce. The application is installed in Salesforce as a managed package and your grid views are saved as custom objects. This means that the data security you've built in Salesforce is maintained with Wave Embedded. You can trust that your information remains secure while benefiting from our enhanced features.

While Wave Embedded mimics a spreadsheet interface for familiarity, you don't need to be a spreadsheet expert to utilize it. Wave Embedded is designed for intuitive use, making data management faster and more accessible for both spreadsheet novices and pros alike.

Transform your CRM data experience today.