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Improve Sales Ops Productivity

Get more from Salesforce with a spreadsheet-like experience to simplify record management, forecasting, territory alignment, and more.

  • Record Management
  • Pipeline Management
  • On-Demand Forecasting
  • Territory Realignments
Why Valorx

Breathe new life into Sales Ops productivity.

Tap into the full potential of Salesforce for improved tracking, reporting, and data accuracy.

Streamlined Data Management

Bulk edit with spreadsheet speed. Easily remove duplicates, streamline input processes, conduct audits, and more.

Effortless Pipeline Management

Keep pipelines up to date, and easily track prospect journeys, schedule tasks, and make bulk updates.

On-Demand Forecasting

Pull live CRM data anytime. Valorx ensures accurate, on-the-spot forecasting for business decisions.

Simplified Territory Realignment

Realign territories with ease to hit the ground running and always have your team set up for success.

How Valorx Empowers Sales Operations

"Valorx has made complicated data uploads quick and easy, saving valuable time. The implementation was quick and the support simply top notch!"

Dawn Jamieson

Business Operations Manager, Nvidia

Western Digital-min

"We use Valorx for sales forecasting. Very powerful, highly recommend the product. Excellent customer service and exceptionally fast turnaround time."

Karthik Dosapati

Data Analyst, Western Digital


"Valorx is the best fusion of speed and functionality I have come across. I compared several competitors and Valorx was the best hands down, it's simply incredible."

Jared Dugger

Senior Manager, Sales Operations, Adobe


Experience Valorx Fusion

Work with live Salesforce data directly in your existing spreadsheets.


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Bring powerful spreadsheet capabilities to your Salesforce experience.