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Valorx for Salesforce users

Simple, powerful tools to make your life easier as a Salesforce user.

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Why Wave

Why Salesforce Users Choose Valorx

As a Salesforce user, pain-staking data imports and record-by-record editing cost you valuable time and effort. Valorx Wave gets you back to being productive with features like Smart Import (to execute error-free imports) and bulk data editing. Keep your CRM data accurate, save your time, and focus on the work most important to you.


Error-free imports

Preview, validate, and edit your data prior to importing. Replace the rinse-and-repeat, error-heavy import process of the past. Get imports done right, the first time.

Easy mapping

With intelligent mapping, you don’t have to worry about matching your column headers exactly to Field IDs. To make you even more efficient, saved mappings save you clicks when importing the same type of data the next time.

Saved imports

Ever wished you could go back and make further changes to a dataset after importing? With Wave, you can save an import as a Wave view, so those records can be revisited and edited as many times as you need.


Valorx solves the biggest challenges to managing Salesforce data.

Sales productivity

Data is the underpinning of an effective sales process. It’s crucial to keeping track of your deals, forecasting pipeline and reporting to your team on progress against targets. The problem is that keeping it up to date takes time. Time you could otherwise be using to sell. With Valorx, you get that time back to focus on what you do best. Update your Salesforce data in seconds, collaborate on reports with your team and get back to selling.

Fast & easy data editing

If you spend more than an hour in Salesforce a week, our products can help you. We’ve built a spreadsheet experience that makes it easier to work with, visualize and collaborate on Salesforce data. No matter how you interact with Salesforce, this will make your life easier.