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By Jerret Kasper

Why Valorx Chose to Offer our New Software for Free


I’m Jerret Kasper, cofounder and head of sales at Valorx. It's been an exciting week for us, returning to Dreamforce as a sponsor, co-hosting an executive retreat at the SPUR near the Moscone Center, and most notably, launching Valorx’s second software offering, Wave.

Our choice to offer a robust free tier for Wave was a significant decision, and the reasons behind it align with our mission at Valorx. Our primary goal has always been to create simple yet powerful tools that enhance the software trusted by millions of business professionals. Salesforce is undoubtedly the leader in this space. As the most successful B2B CRM in the world, Salesforce has paved the way for business processes across industries. However, even the best systems can benefit from complementary tools to refine and improve specific workflows.

Recognizing the Gap

Salesforce is powerful, dynamic, and capable. But as is the case with most comprehensive software, there are inevitably areas in which users spend more time than they’d like. A consistent pain point we hear from customers is motivating consistent data entry across their CRM users.

This observation led us to build Wave - a bridge between the extensive capabilities of Salesforce and the user-friendly capabilities of tools like Google Sheets. It's not a replacement of existing tools but an enhancement. Wave allows users to integrate real-time bulk editing capabilities of spreadsheets directly into their CRM.

Why Free?

Back to our decision to provide Wave for free - it’s simple. We’re part of the Salesforce community, and we've benefitted from the ecosystem as much as we hope to contribute to it. We've seen the impact tools like Dataloader have in reducing friction, simplifying, and/or improving upon specific capabilities important to users’ day-to-day responsibilities. Our free tier allows more people to experience the potential of Wave, regardless of their company size or budget. For those who become heavy users, we've created paid tiers to sustain and continuously improve the software.

Salesforce is a great CRM. By offering Wave for free, we aim to amplify its capabilities, uphold our mission, and make our shared users more productive. We’re happy to offer a tool that makes your Salesforce experience even more effective.