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Manufacturing forecasting, simplified

Elevate your forecasting capabilities in Manufacturing Cloud with every Excel spreadsheet capability. Try the demo.

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Forecasting challenges

Salesforce forecasting made better - with Fusion

Connect existing spreadsheets to Salesforce to enrich your forecasting capabilities with live CRM data.

High-volume data

Process high volumes of data with the speed and performance of spreadsheets

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The tools you need

Enrich your forecasting experience with sophisticated spreadsheet formulas

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Flexible timelines

With telescoping, analyze forecasts for any period or time frame in a single view

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Multi-account views

Get the full picture with multiple account forecasts in a single view.

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How it works

Forecasting with Fusion, explained

Manufacturing forecasting in Salesforce, before and after Fusion

Before Fusion: Offline Spreadsheets
Teams work in offline siloes. CRM data degrades and business performance is unclear.
With Fusion: Connected Spreadsheets
Enriched forecasting capabilities when combing live Salesforce data with spreadsheet capabilities.

Our customers

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Why Fusion

Fusion delivers the power of spreadsheets to CRM forecasting

Valorx Fusions connects spreadsheets to your CRM, granting your with most flexible and robust forecasting capabilities.

High-volume Data Management

Work with hundreds of lines in multiple forecasts at once. Process large volumes of live Salesforce data at the speed your business moves.

Built-In Telescoping

With built-in telescoping, zoom in and out of any part of the forecast and view different timelines side by side.

Excel Capabilities via Salesforce-Connected Spreadsheets

Connect any existing spreadsheet to Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and start working with live CRM data. Use every Excel feature including bulk editing, pivot tables, and formulas for dynamic and on-demand forecasting.

Get started with Valorx Fusion

Book a demo today or contact us to learn more about Salesforce-connected spreadsheets.


Why leading teams choose Valorx Fusion


"Besides the efficiency gains, Valorx has helped us mitigate data leakage and improve accuracy. I highly recommend Valorx to anyone who works with Salesforce data."

Ben Wong

Sales Operation Manager, ADOBE


"Valorx has made complicated data uploads quick and easy, saving valuable time. The implementation was quick and the support simply top notch!"

Dawn Jamieson

Business Operations Manager, Nvidia


"This application drives user adoption across sales and operations. It is 100% native and puts the power in admins and business users with guidance from our COE."

Derek Lindbloom

Sr. Director, Provider and Salesforce Solutions, VSP Global


"When it comes to data migration, I see a limitless potential to migrate CPQ master data between orgs to maintain configuration, pricing, and quoting processes without the need for lengthy data loader processing."

Ian Jones

Senior Revenue Cloud Consultant, Globant


"We worked with Kelvin to develop the ability to import quotes, mass create features and options, as well as convert old Apttus quotes into CPQ quotes. With Valorx, we cut down on the amount admin time it took for each of the process. Definitely recommend this tool."

Alfonso Sanchez

Salesforce Administrator, Wesco Turf Inc.


Learn how Fusion delivers value to its customers


How Fusion Supports Your Forecasting Needs

Learn about the Fusion capabilities that improve forecasting, data editing, collaboration and more with Salesforce.

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Western Digital-min

Western Digital Elevates Manufacturing Forecasting Capabilities

Learn how hard drive manufacturer Western Digital enhances its forecasting capabilities in Salesforce.

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Improved Opportunity Forecasting in Salesforce

With spreadsheet capabilities for Salesforce, build better opportunity forecasts

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Power your data management with connected spreadsheets


Valorx Fusion FAQs

Valorx Fusion enhances manufacturing forecasting for Salesforce users by integrating Excel's advanced capabilities directly into Salesforce. This allows users to work with real-time CRM data along with Excel’s analytical tools like pivot tables, complex formulas, and telescoping to perform more accurate and dynamic forecasting. Users can analyze trends, project future demands, and adjust forecasts based on live Salesforce data, all within a familiar Excel interface. This streamlined process improves the accuracy of forecasts, supports data-driven decision-making, and enables rapid response to market changes, ultimately optimizing the manufacturing and supply chain operations.

Yes, it does. Fusion is built to work with any existing spreadsheets you currently use to work with Salesforce data. This is a critical function of Fusion as the purpose behind it is for teams to minimize process adoption while still leveraging the best capabilities of their techstack, chiefly Excel and Salesforce. The Valorx team has never encountered a spreadsheet that could not get connected to Salesforce via Fusion. Over the years solved our customers have solved countless challenges across industries and business sizes by connecting their spreadsheets to Salesforce.

Valorx Fusion creates a 2-way connection between your Excel spreadsheets and Salesforce. This allows you to work with Salesforce data directly in your Excel spreadsheet in real-time. When you save your work, all your Salesforce records are updated to reflect the latest changes.

Valorx Fusion is largely for sales administrators and revenue teams. With Valorx Fusion, Salesforce administrators can optimize the entire Salesforce experience for their organization, simplifying data management, data modeling, quote building, bundle configuring, and much more. Revenue professionals can work much more efficiently with Salesforce, using the familiar interface of a spreadsheet. That means accurate, up-to-date records in Salesforce; faster quote delivery to prospects; and more time to focus on selling instead of data entry and management.

Valorx Fusion allows professionals to work in Excel or Google Sheets with Salesforce data and build high-volume quotes, without that data ever leaving Salesforce. This eliminates the need for moving data sets around or being entirely dependent on the Salesforce interface. Instead, professionals maintain high data hygiene and get to work the way they’re used to using Excel or Google Sheets to manage their Salesforce data.

After creating your account, you can jump right into Express Mode in Valorx Fusion. This lets you view and analyze real-time Salesforce data directly in your spreadsheet without any set up involved. For those with technical expertise, go ahead and build custom configurations using pre-set Fusion templates as a starting point. For particularly complex uses, the Valorx Fusion professional services team is available to work with your organization to build out configurations based on your unique needs and goals. Our professional services team loves to solve new problems and has the technical know-how to help you get to where you want to be.

Use cases

More Fusion Use Cases


Fusion for Salesforce CPQ

Manage high-volume and complex quotes in Salesforce with the speed and ease of Excel.

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Fusion for Salesforce-Connected Spreadsheets

Connect any existing spreadsheet to live Salesforce data.

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