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By Meenal Gupta

5x Your Productivity with Salesforce CPQ Quote Line Editor

5x Your Productivity with Salesforce CPQ Quote Line Editor

Brands with lengthy, drawn out sales cycles risk losing the interest of even the most qualified leads. Responsive brands that build and deliver quotes quickly and accurately have the best chances to convert leads into customers.

That’s why optimizing how you work in the Salesforce CPQ Quote Line Editor (QLE) isn’t just important – it’s critical for business.

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful solution that supports price configurations and quotes. But high-volume, multi-dimensional, and complex quotes are not easy to produce.

Building these types of quotes takes time. Getting reviews, making edits, and securing approvals take even more time. Days could turn into weeks before a warm lead hears back from a sales rep.

And that’s plenty of time for competitors to scoop them up.

In many cases, sales teams will export Salesforce data into Excel, build and edit quotes, and then import that data back into Salesforce. The familiar features of Excel, the shortcuts, the ability to personalize how data is viewed, make this an attractive workaround – but far from ideal.

Optimizing your Salesforce CPQ QLE experience

recent study showed that by optimizing your Salesforce CPQ experience, teams could drive a 28% boost in sales productivity.

That’s huge.

Just imagine how much more business sales teams can close when productivity jumps that significantly.

So the big question is: how do teams optimize Salesforce CPQ?

As I mentioned, many teams tend to work in both Excel and Salesforce CPQ to build and edit quotes – which isn’t efficient.

However, eliminating Excel would mean losing the familiarity and ease of use of a known tool. Choosing not to work with Salesforce CPQ, on the other hand, leads to missing out on its powerful CRM features.

If only there was a solution to bring the benefits of both Excel and Salesforce CPQ together, right?

Sales teams wouldn’t need to import or export data between Excel and Salesforce, or worry about sensitive information leaving their CRM. They wouldn’t need to feel constrained by the Salesforce CPQ interface either or avoid using it just because they prefer Excel.

Instead, they would enjoy the best of both worlds – the familiarity and user-friendliness of Excel, with the comprehensiveness of a powerful CPQ solution (minus the change management).

Well, that’s where Valorx Fusion comes in.

Introducing Valorx Fusion: quoting in Salesforce with Excel

Designed for sales teams building high-volume, multi-dimensional quotes, Valorx Fusion connects your existing Excel sheets to Salesforce so you can work with Salesforce data directly from your Excel sheets.

Exciting, right? That means you can continue managing and editing data or building and updating quotes in Salesforce using all the familiar features of Excel.

Now what does this 2-way connectivity from Excel to Salesforce look like in action? How does it exactly drive much-needed productivity for sales teams?

How Valorx Fusion elevates Salesforce CPQ’s Quote Line Editor

With Valorx Fusion, you tap into the full potential of Salesforce CPQ’s Quote Line Editor. The table below captures how Valorx Fusion transforms your Salesforce CPQ experience.

before valorx after valorx

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of Valorx Fusion and its Excel connection to Salesforce:

Effortless bulk editing

Update pricing, discount information, and other details across multiple quote lines quickly and easily. Apply bulk edits to rows and columns how you normally would in Excel, rather than manually line-by-line and save yourself hours of work.

Work with over 10K quote lines

Even with high-volume quotes, never feel constrained or slowed down. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of quote lines in a single quote, you’re able to make changes with ease. Valorx Fusion ensures you can create and manage custom lines without constraints, delivering comprehensive and accurate quotes to your clients.

True multi-dimensional quoting

Add and view dimensions like shipping dates, different locations, and others to organize your quote. Avoid having to create new lines for the same items just because there are distinct locations or times products need to ship out.

Offline quoting

Don’t let connectivity issues or work locations stop you from building quotes. Work offline and continue making changes until your quote’s ready. Once you’re back online, your work will save and you can sync it with your Salesforce to update all your records at once.

Data analysis

Apply account-based views so users only see the data pertinent to their roles. Personalize views to highlight the most important information, and apply conditional formatting to make key insights stand out.

Keen on exploring the full potential of Salesforce with Valorx? Check out our webinar where we’ll demonstrate exactly Valorx can simplify quote building and help you get the most out of Salesforce CPQ.