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2 billion people worldwide already use spreadsheets.
Improve your CRM usability by fusing familiar spreadsheet capabilities with Salesforce.


"Besides the efficiency gains, Valorx has helped us mitigate data leakage and improve accuracy. I highly recommend Valorx to anyone who works with Salesforce data."

Ben Wong

Sales Operation Manager, ADOBE


"Valorx has made complicated data uploads quick and easy, saving valuable time. The implementation was quick and the support simply top notch!"

Dawn Jamieson

Business Operations Manager, Nvidia


"Extremely powerful and fast. We are using Valorx as a rapid data entry tool making full advantage of the Excel features."

Luke Farbotko

Global Platforms Delivery Lead, CXC Global


"This application drives user adoption across sales and operations. It is 100% native and puts the power in admins and business users with guidance from our COE."

Derek Lindbloom

Sr. Director, Provider and Salesforce Solutions, VSP Global


"Very powerful tool that saves tons of time. In a few minutes you can easily create Excel apps to move data around from system to system in a fraction of the time that Salesforce Data Loader or the Import Wizard take."

Gary Sanders

Principal Solution Architect, Seyfarth Lean Consulting

Use Cases

Elevate your Salesforce experience

Enhance your Salesforce interface to improve user adoption and productivity.

CPQ & Complex Quoting (Simplified)

Easily manage thousands of quote lines and multiple dimensions in every quote. Connect your existing spreadsheets to Salesforce and leverage the most popular interface for managing data, while working with live CRM records. No exports. No siloes.

Improved Forecasting (incl. Mfg Cloud)

Harness live CRM data to build detailed forecasts. Toggle effortlessly between yearly and daily timescales for unparalleled clarity. Centralize multiple data sets in one platform to devise exact demand plans, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Smart Import

With Valorx, get error-free imports every time with Smart Import. Smart Import will auto map your fields and provide an import preview - including potential errors. Resolve each of these errors in a spreadsheet interface with bulk editing capabilities before finalizing your import.

Streamlined Pipeline Management

Mass edit pipeline data to keep your funnel up-to-date. Seamlessly manage rep-by-rep pipelines and pull sales forecasts on demand.


Work in your preferred environment

Valorx offers solutions for any environment you work in.

Salesforce and Excel Connected

Valorx Fusion: Salesforce-Connected Spreadsheets

With Fusion, integrate any existing spreadsheets with Salesforce in order to manage complex sales processes directly from the comfort of Excel. Leverage familiar tools while accessing real-time CRM data, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in quote generation.

Chrome Salesforce Edge

Valorx Wave: Virtual Spreadsheet for Salesforce Data

With Wave, transform your Salesforce UI into an editable grid view that has spreadsheet capabilities. Use familiar spreadsheet features to mass update records, use conditional formatting, manage tasks, and much more. Get it for your browser or embedded in Salesforce.

By the numbers

The measurable impact of Valorx

A data-driven look at how Valorx transforms the Salesforce experience.


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Case Studies

Learn why global brands choose Valorx


BP Oil & Gas Solves Complex Quoting

Learn how energy giant BP optimized (and customized) its Salesforce CPQ experience.

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Western Digital-min

Western Digital Unlocks Powerful Forecasting Capabilities

Western Digital unifies data across systems for a unified, precise forecasting experience.

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Adobe Improves End-to-End Operational Efficiency

Learn how energy giant BP optimized (and customized) its Salesforce CPQ experience.

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