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By Jennifer Ou

How Western Digital Uses Valorx to Manage Their Forecasts

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Western Digital is a large manufacturer of hard drives and data storage products and as a large enterprise, they had rather complex forecasting requirements but struggled with proper forecasting between Salesforce and their ERP system. The team at Western Digital needed to view multiple accounts, opportunities and products simultaneously and forecast for future months while comparing to actuals. With the standard UI in Salesforce, users were only able to view a list of a few fields making it difficult to analyze accurate data.

A flexible UI makes all the difference when it comes to forecasting

Without the ability to organize and display forecast information across different time periods, Western Digital was unable to model complex forecast patterns. Not to mention, their ERP and Salesforce were not integrated which made it even more difficult to analyze actual and future data leaving room for errors and a poor user experience. The team needed a solution to aggregate all data sources into a single view and a flexible UI that displayed the data into future time periods for proper forecasting.

Valorx aggregates your data into a single view for proper forecasting

Valorx built a solution for Western Digital that enabled their team the ability to view and manage opportunities and product data stored in Salesforce and compare/contrast actual purchase data stored in their ERP. With these views, Western Digital was able to forecast weekly, monthly or quarterly periods with aggregate customer and product data in Excel for analysis and insight. Valorx served as the middleware solution used for analysis and then synced updated data to Salesforce.

Valorx accelerates user adoption by reducing the learning curve

Introducing a new program to a team typically requires time and effort to learn. Valorx, however, uses a familiar UI so it does not take long for Western Digital users to adopt. This enables users to focus on their projects rather than spending time learning a new program.

Western Digital’s forecasting capabilities were improved

Western Digital’s forecasting capabilities were no longer limited thanks to Valorx. Users are now willing to invest the necessary time to ensure data accuracy and timeliness. If you need to improve or enhance your forecasting capabilities then Valorx is the right Salesforce partner for you.

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