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By Jennifer Ou

Learn How Adobe Uses Valorx to Manage End-to-End Business Processes

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Widely known for their range of content editing software, Adobe has transformed the digital experience for users. Their innovations empower digital businesses and enables users to unleash their creativity and be more productive.

Like many large companies, Adobe has numerous organizations that are responsible for a longer business process and faced some challenges when managing their multiple Salesforce organizations. Adobe needed to integrate reports crossing multiple Salesforce organizations to compare, update and analyze data, however, they were unable to do so with Salesforce’s standard UI. Because Salesforce’s standard UI does not display data across multiple organizations simultaneously, generating reports took revenue teams at Adobe several hours and were outdated by the time the reports were completed. Adobe could not create custom data models and view data in a single, accessible view and users were not able to edit data in bulk. Salesforce has a tool called Schema Builder that can be used to create data models but it has limitations when configuring objects, fields and relationships.

Why did Adobe turn to Valorx to implement data in Salesforce?

Valorx is a Salesforce partner designed to increase productivity and decrease the amount of time spent manipulating data in Salesforce. With Valorx, Adobe users were able to easily input Salesforce data into Excel, edit data, create reports, and view data in one spreadsheet and sync all changes back to Saleforce with a click of a button. Using Valorx, Adobe configured 20+ applications across their Salesforce orgs, enabling users to extract and update Salesforce data in real time. Instead of spending hours configuring data, users were able to assemble reports in minutes.

The Results

Adobe reduced the level of effort to score deals across thousands of accounts. Adobe was given the ability to view three Salesforce organizations in a single spreadsheet which eased the process of comparing and analyzing data. There was a significant reduction of deal cycle time and an improvement of their forecast accuracy. One team reduced 40 hours of data compilation down to a few minutes, allowing them to utilize their time on data analysis and generating insights to improve profitability.

Valorx can help you ease manage your end-to-end business process too

If you are having issues or are experiencing limitations with your Salesforce organizations, Valorx could be the perfect solution for you. Valorx offers much more than the features used by Adobe.

Want to optimize your Salesforce experience? Valorx Fusion combines Excel’s speed and versatility with the comprehensiveness of Salesforce. Connect with Valorx today.

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