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General Questions

Do we need to start from a new spreadsheet, or can we use an existing spreadsheet?

It’s your choice. If you already have something then you can start with your existing spreadsheet. This will allow you to leverage existing formatting, formulas, macros, charts/tables when you start designing your app. The following formats are supported when choosing an existing spreadsheet: xlsx, xlsm, and xlsb

How to reach us

You can reach us by filling out the contact support form or send us an email at support@valorx.com.

Can we connect Valorx to multiple Salesforce orgs, being able to move data amongst them?

Absolutely. A single app can be setup to connect to as many environments as an end user has access to. Not only can data be retrieved from multiple environments but updates can also be across orgs.

Is there a limit to the number of fields that we can map? How many fields can be updated at one time?

There is no limitation on the number of objects or fields that can be mapped in a single application. Same goes for updates, updates can be across as many fields, records, and objects.

Who has access to the Valorx Design Studio?

All licenses come with access to Design Studio and Runtime, we allow customers to decide who has access to just runtime or both.

App Designing

Supported CRMs

Currently Salesforce and Dynamics 365 are supported, but we are working on bringing more soon.

Can the same App work in multiple CRMs?

Yes, from within the Design Studio you can promote apps to other CRMs. Not only can you have the same app work in multiple CRMs you can also design a single app to connect to multiple CRMs to retrieve and update data from multiple environments.


How to create a Connection

From Design Studio, click on start, then new connection. You can decide if you are creating a connection to Salesforce or Dynamics 365, from there you will provide your CRM credentials.

What else can I do from the start screen?

You can manage all your connections, turn on auto connect, and see your active connections. In the apps section you can see all the apps for a single CRM, configure your personalized favorites list, create new apps, and dive into the design studio or runtime for any app. This is also where you can control users’ access to an app and even decide if you want to list any of your apps on the Valorx App Store.

Data Modeling

Are there limits to the number of objects?

Absolutely not. There is no restriction on the number of objects nor the type of object that can be used in an application. Our goal was to create a product that can handle simple use cases that require data from a single object to the most complex use cases that require data from 10+. All while navigating and maintaining your object hierarchy to allow you to create any type user experience you desire at Excel speeds.

How can I tell which objects are being used in an app?

Simple, from the Data Modeling screen we will mark those objects as Used. There is also a validation that will kick in and let you know if you try to remove an object that is being used.

Maps and Tasks

What’s the difference between a grid and a form map?

You should use a form map if you are trying to retrieve a single record from an object. The form map gives you complete freedom when it comes to layout, fields can be ordered vertically or horizontally, each field is completely independent from the other. A grid map is designed to handle lots of records. When you wish to view data as a list, use a grid map. Remember you can have fields on your grid map from multiple related objects placed side by side.

How to connect queries across multiple objects

There are no limits to the number of queries you can have in a single app. Once you set up one connected query you can repeat this process repeatedly. If you are trying to set up a query that is dependent on a set of records form another object, there are multiple ways of doing this. The easiest is making sure you have added the lookup field to the child object, clicking on add filter, then the parent ID. You will want to set the filter type equal to Data Intake which will fill in the Data Intake Objects drop down with parent object Name


How do I set up a workflow?

The workflow engine is where everything comes together. This is where you construct your user experience for your end users. You can create all your tasks directly from this step or take any existing step and start adding them to your flow. It is a simple drag and drop process.


Can I still protect my worksheets with passwords?

Yes, under settings, security, you will find all your protected worksheets listed. You will need to provide the password for each worksheet here.

How to I prevent my users from saving a local version?

Under the behavior section in settings you will be able to turn off a user’s ability to save a local file or even print copy.

App Store

How to submit an App for review?

From the start screen, there is a column under the apps section called App Admin. If you click on the icon under this column for an app you can start the process to list your app on the Valorx App Store. You just need to provide some information regarding your app, and you will be on your way.

Should my App be free or paid?

That’s a good question and its your decision. You can always start with a limited version that is free and as you come out with updated versions with more functionality you can decide to make it paid. At the end of the day you have control over if you want an app to be free or paid. Typically, simple applications that can be built in a day are going to be free.

Determine App dependency
How does App customization work when I upgrade an App version?

My Account and Online Payment

Adding Environments & Users

There is an Environments and Users section on my account page. Here you will find your current environments that have already been added, you can add, remove, or edit existing ones. To add users, you must be in a paid subscription, here is also where you can mark users as a technical or billing contact.

Changing your billing information

You can add or make changes to your billing information at the bottom of my account page.

Checking status of a trial

You can locate the status of a trial on my account page in the top right. You will either be in an active or inactive trial, if you have an active trial you will also see the number of days left. If you see inactive, contact sales and we can help.

Order history

You can find all your purchased order/subscription history under my account page.

Cancel subscription

If you do not wish to renew your subscription, please reach out to Valorx support.

Combining subscriptions into one contract

Please contact Valorx support, we are happy to discuss options around combining subscriptions.


How does Support work

Support Options

With any license purchase, Valorx provides 3 support options.

  • Ticket based Support: you can send us an email at support@valorx.com and include a description of the issue you are facing. Valorx shall process support requests using a ticketing procedure so that each request shall receive a ticket number and may be tracked until it is satisfactorily resolved.
  • Chat based Support: Click on chat widget on Valorx support page https://valorx.com/support to initiate a chat session with a Valorx support rep.
  • Community driven Support: On the Valorx support page, you can post a question on our community support page (hosted in Spectrum).


Classifying a Support Request

Valorx Support shall identify the severity of the support request, based on the description provided by Customer and the definitions set forth below. All new support requests are created, by default, as Severity 3. If Customer would like the support request to be classified as something other than Severity 3, please do respond back to the support email and request the appropriate Severity level.


Valorx Support Response Times and Path to Resolution

The times set forth below are response times to a ticket logged. These times should not be deemed to be resolution times. Valorx does not guarantee resolution times. A resolution may consist of a product patch, App modification, system setting change, workaround, or other solution Valorx deems reasonable. Valorx will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times stated below. Valorx expects all email communication to reference the original ticket number provided for the given support request.


Severity 1 – Critical

Definition: Production issue that severely impacts Customer use of the Valorx runtime. The situation halts Customer business operations and no procedural workaround exists.

Severity 1 issues may require Customer to have dedicated resources available to work on the issue on an ongoing basis with Valorx. If Customer does not provide such dedicated resource, then Valorx shall not be liable for related delays.

Response Times and Path to Resolution: 4 hours or less to respond with an emergency patch build, workaround, more information, or a request for a screen share meeting. Valorx will provide continuous efforts to resolve a Severity 1 error until a workaround or resolution can be provided or until the incident can be downgraded to a lower severity level.


Severity 2 – High

Definition: Major functionality is impacted, or product performance degradation is experienced. The situation is causing a high impact to portions of Customer business operations and no reasonable workaround exists.

Response Times and Path to Resolution: 12 hours or less. If a workaround is not available, reasonable efforts will be made to release an emergency patch build to resolve or mitigate the issue or to allow the severity level to be reduced.


Severity 3 – Medium

Definition: There is a partial, non-critical impact to the Product functionality with a medium-to-low impact on Customer business, but Customer business continues to function. Short-term workaround is available in form of App fix or use of an alternative product version.

Response Times and Path to Resolution: 2 business days.


Severity 4 – Low

Definition: Inquiry regarding a product feature or App usage; information requested on application capabilities, Valorx App Store, best practices, installation or configuration, bug affecting a small number of users. Acceptable workaround available.

Response Times and Path to Resolution: 3-5 business days.


What if I need help building an App

We would recommend you to explore the video tutorials as well as community forums. If you have a question about how a certain feature works or something is not working as expect, feel free to reach us by filling out the contact support form or send us an email at support@valorx.com.

If you have an App idea and would like Valorx to build the App, do get in touch and we would be happy to provide a no-cost estimate for your App.

Installation issues

We would like to hear from you if are experiencing issues during install. Fill out the contact support form or send us an email at support@valorx.com.

Does Valorx provide premier support

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with your account executive for premiere support options and targeted response times.