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By Valorx

Global Consultancy Scales their Salesforce CPQ Efficiency by 700%

Global Consultancy Scales their Salesforce CPQ Efficiency 700%

One of the world’s leading digital transformation consultancies with 20,000 staff and 50 offices worldwide, working with public and private organizations solves its Salesforce CPQ challenges with Valorx.

As a global organization, it needs a professional services quoting tool to handle complex resource planning and deal modeling. To centralize their systems and data, they opted to trial Salesforce Revenue Cloud for its quoting capabilities and purchased 100 licenses to pilot the solution.

While Salesforce Revenue Cloud was helpful, they ran into issues related to volume, performance, and advanced modeling. They lacked the ability to quote based on service levels, location and many other costs such as overhead, uplifts related to resources. Nor could they quote on services or build quotes offline (when out in the field). Although the need for a solution for hundreds of associates was urgent, they could not yet justify further expanding their Salesforce license count.

They needed to scale their quoting operations but did not have the versatility or efficiency to justify it.

This is where Valorx Fusion came in. With its Excel and Salesforce integration, this global consultancy transformed its CPQ experience entirely.

How Fusion powers professional services quoting

Through Fusion, the consultancy elevated Salesforce’s CPQ capabilities. The Salesforce-Excel integration enabled them to build their quotes directly in Excel (in their customized worksheets), working with live Salesforce data. With this capability, they overcame 5 primary constraints of Salesforce CPQ:

  • Volume issues that fail to handle over 200+ in line items
  • A restrictive interface that cannot meet all business scenarios in a single system
  • Ability to select and clone different lines with existing configurations always maintained
  • Limited deal modeling and costing capabilities associated with quotes
  • No offline capabilities (such as add/editing resource plans) and syncing back to Salesforce CPQ once online

By fusing Salesforce with an Excel interface, Fusion was able to solve each of these challenges and the business outcomes were significant. With its seamless implementation of Valorx Fusion, the global consultancy was able to:

  1. Build quotes 3x faster and save 750,000 hours annually for its end users
  2. Manage 1,000s of data points in minutes without the need for development support
  3. Handle all required business scenarios in Salesforce CPQ
  4. Maintain uniform user experience for offline and online work
  5. Simplify costing and calculation requirements in Salesforce CPQ
  6. Use a comprehensive deal metrics overview page to improve decision making and optimize quoting parameters

The consultancy was able to treat its initial problem, which was finding a functioning and scalable solution. Mentioned earlier, the limited functionality of CPQ made acquiring additional licenses a non-starter for the organization. But after Fusion introduced significant efficiency gains, it was a very easy decision to expand the license count and equip more team members with the same capabilities.

For many organizations, Salesforce CPQ introduces a great deal of change management which can take months to years to effectively adopt (if ever). With Fusion, organizations minimize the level of change and training typically involved, while maximizing the value of CPQ. Teams are able to work efficiently in a closed, unified system with a user-friendly, flexible, and familiar interface.