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High Performance for High-Volume Quoting

Get from quote-to-cash faster with improved high-volume quoting for Salesforce CPQ.

Challenge: Salesforce CPQ performance delays with high-volume quoting

Lengthy sales cycles turn away prospects. The longer it takes to deliver quotes, the less likely you are to close those deals. With Salesforce CPQ, poor usability, performance, and user adoption prevent the timely delivery of high-volume quotes.

  • A rigid CPQ interface forces sales teams into record-by-record editing, spending most of their time building and updating quotes (instead of selling).

  • Hundreds of quote lines slow down Salesforce CPQ’s responsiveness and result in timeouts and crashes, stopping quote generation in its tracks.

  • Salesforce users often quote offline and outside of Salesforce to regain productivity, but lose out on the process automations that CPQ enables.
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Solution: power your high-volume quoting with Fusion

Valorx Fusion overcomes these challenges by elevating the Salesforce CPQ experience. With the ability to manage live Salesforce data directly from Excel, you get to work with the most up-to-date records using the most intuitive data management experience.

  • Easily manage quotes with thousands of quote lines without slow downs.
  • Overcome intermittent performance, timeout issues, and crashes that you would normally experience in Salesforce CPQ.
  • Work at Excel speeds while keeping your data online (in your CRM) and leveraging the automation capabilities of CPQ.

Streamline the quoting process, improve Salesforce CPQ user adoption, and keep your sales team selling with Fusion.

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How users feel about Fusion

"Valorx has made complicated data uploads quick and easy, saving valuable time. The implementation was quick and the support simply top notch!"

Dawn Jamieson

Business Operations Manager, Nvidia


"Besides the efficiency gains, Valorx has helped us mitigate data leakage and improve accuracy. I highly recommend Valorx to anyone who works with Salesforce data."

Ben Wong

Sales Operation Manager, ADOBE


"We use Valorx for sales forecasting. Very powerful, highly recommend the product. Excellent customer service and exceptionally fast turnaround time."

Karthik Dosapati

Data Analyst, Western Digital


"Extremely powerful and fast. We are using Valorx as a rapid data entry tool making full advantage of the Excel features."

Luke Farbotko

Global Platforms Delivery Lead, CXC Global

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"We used to use a competitor's product that is more expensive and without any future development expected. Valorx provides a better design interface that is very easy to use. The speed of the app is also great compared to the competitor."

Marcel Hobizal

Director of Salesforce Operations, Consilio


Valorx Fusion FAQs

The Salesforce CPQ system has limits to the number of quote lines it can handle. With high-volume quoting, teams experience slowed performance and timeout errors that stop quote generation in its tracks.

Fusion alleviates this performance limitation, by allowing users to build quotes in the Excel interface without leaving Salesforce CPQ. This allows users to edit and manage thousands of quote lines at once, using bulk editing and advanced Excel features without exporting data. This significantly speeds up the quoting process, reduces errors, and enhances data accuracy. At the same time, the Salesforce data remains secure and up-to-date by never being taken offline.

Valorx Fusion Fusion makes CPQ more accessible and user-friendly.. It enhances the Salesforce CPQ by integrating existing spreadsheets with live Salesforce data, allowing users to leverage familiar Excel functionalities for complex quoting and data management. Overcome your most significant CPQ challenges with bulk editing, conditional formatting, pivot tables and other Excel capabilities, simplifying high-volume and multi-dimensional quoting without requiring data to be taken offline.

As a Salesforce AppExchange solution, Fusion ensures complete data integrity and security while providing a seamless quote and data management experience. Reduce the learning curve and adoption barriers associated with traditional CPQ systems and streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and accelerate the quote-to-cash cycle.

With complex quotes, you may need to account for numerous attributes, work with multiple quotes at once, or work between multiple quoting systems including Salesforce CPQ.

Fusion adds Excel's capabilities to complex quoting, making it easier to handle quotes with multiple dimensions and view several quotes at once. With Fusion, you can use Excel to account for every detail important to your business, from different service rates to specific project needs, all in one familiar spreadsheet environment. It allows for multi-object views, enabling a comprehensive look at all aspects of a quote. For professional services, Fusion makes including every relevant attribute simple, ensuring accuracy and detail. By integrating Salesforce CPQ with other tools, Fusion creates a unified spreadsheet experience, streamlining complex quoting processes and enhancing efficiency and precision.

After creating your account, you can jump right into Express Mode in Valorx Fusion. This lets you view and analyze real-time Salesforce data directly in your spreadsheet without any set up involved. For those with technical expertise, go ahead and build custom configurations using pre-set Fusion templates as a starting point. For particularly complex uses, the Valorx Fusion professional services team is available to work with your organization to build out configurations based on your unique needs and goals. Our professional services team loves to solve new problems and has the technical know-how to help you get to where you want to be.

High performance for high-volume quoting