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By James Levin

Introducing Valorx's New Website: Reflecting Growth and Innovation

Why New Website Blog Header

I'm James Levin, Valorx's CMO. Since joining Valorx in April 2023, I've led the creation of our new website, which I'm excited to unveil.

Why the change? Three reasons:

Product Advancements: Valorx Fusion

Our R&D teams are continuously adding new capabilities and adding value for our customers. Since my arrival, they've launched Fusion V14, which is 20X faster and adds a new rich text editor, record import, and more. Valorx Fusion is constantly improving, and we want to make it easy for our users to stay up to speed.

Introducing Valorx Wave

Our website redesign gives us the opportunity to introduce Valorx Wave, software that boosts user productivity by enhancing Salesforce with Google Sheets-like editing capabilities. Just add the Chrome extension, sign in to Salesforce, and you gain:

  • Google Sheets-style bulk editing
  • error-free importing
  • advanced filters, sorting, grouping
  • multi-object reporting
  • conditional formatting

...and more. The best part? Wave is free!

Sharing Our Vision

This isn't just a site redesign; the new site mirrors our journey, innovations, and goals. Valorx aims to create simple but powerful tools that enhance the software used by millions of business professionals. Our vision? Revolutionize how companies around the world interact with and harness their business-critical CRM data.

Our updated website mirrors our commitment, illustrating the ways we enhance productivity for our users. Dive in and explore; we’re eager to hear your insights.

Visit Valorx

James Levin
CMO, Valorx

P.S. Huge thanks to my Valorx marketing team and partners at Terra (formerly Thunderfoot). Together, we've brought the new site to fruition in time for Valorx Wave's launch at Dreamforce 2023.