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Number of users involved in quoting

Average salary (in USD) of users involved in quoting

Quoting complexity
High: complex pricing, costing, 10+ quoting factors, 100s quote lines, multiple bundles;

Medium: moderate pricing complexity, 3-4 quoting factors, 10-50 quote lines, 1-2 bundles;

Low: out-of-box pricing and simple pricing rules, ~4-8 avg quote lines

Number of quotes generated per month (across all users)
Quoting inputs should include new business, renewal, and amendment quotes

Time to generate each quote (from start to finish)
Time to generate quote assumes 8-hour workday

Average deal size

Current average win rate (%)

Increase in win rate % with faster quoting via Fusion*

Your Return on Investment

Assumes Fusion delivers 20% quoting time savings for high-complexity quoting, 10% for moderate-complexity, and 5% for low-complexity

Businesses who respond first win 35-50% more deals

Based on number of users involved in quoting

Based on total of hours saved

Based on your inputs for quote volume, conversion rates, and deal size.