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[Webinar] Valorx Wave Tips & Tricks

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Our simple but powerful tools enhance the software you use every day. We studied the best tools in the world and figured out how they make you more productive. Then we combined them into super-productivity tools that take you from productive to supercharged. If you use a CRM at work, our software will make you faster and more effective in your day.

In this recorded webinar, Co-Founder Jerret Kasper and Product Marketing Manager Chris Liko demonstrate just a few ways that Valorx Wave adapts the tools you know, to provide an elevated Salesforce experience.

With minimal learning involved, you can use these features to get significantly more productive in Salesforce.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Working in editable reports
  • Bulk editing (using click and drag, copy and paste, and mass modifier)
  • Sorting, filtering, searching, and grouping
  • Sharing custom reports
  • Smart Import (error-less importing)
  • And more

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