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By Valorx

Error-Free Imports for Salesforce with Smart Import

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Wave's Smart Import, data importing is no longer time consuming or frustrating. It's a seamless, error-free process that ensures your Salesforce data is always updated and imported reliably.

Here’s how Valorx Wave transforms this tedious process with Smart Import:

  • Auto-mapping for accuracy: Smart Import auto-maps your data to the right fields, eliminating the guesswork.
  • Import preview: Before finalizing your import, Smart Import provides a preview of your import, flagging any errors/missing information.
  • Bulk edit your import: In your import preview, bulk edit your data to errors right away, resolving any errors in a few clicks.

Smart Import is your solution to the everyday challenges of CRM data importing. Leave behind the cycle of errors and frustration of typical import experiences.

Get imports done right. The first time.

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