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By Valorx

How to use grid maps

In this Tutorial you will learn

  • How to configure a grid map
  • Add fields from multiple objects on the same row
  • Control field behavior, read/write, read only, write only
  • Configuring default values when new records are created
  • Controlling the field location, rearranging fields, etc.
  • Sorting
  • Pivot Tables

Grid Map is like a table in Excel, which is best for displaying a lot of data retrieved directly from Salesforce. It can leverage Valorx transaction status to provide a user with real time feedback if a record saved successfully, failed, or was skipped. It creates a save condition with criteria’s is not met skip the record from being saved to Salesforce. User can add a color bar to a picklist, configure a lookup field, create Boolean field behavior and more. Add Fields from multiple objects in a single form map.