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By Valorx

How to use existing Google Sheets

Few of the apps showcased in this video:

  • Multi Tab – Records from multiple objects across tabs
  • Manager View – See reps across tabs and formula fields with roll up values
  • Parent Child Layout – See records across objects in a single tab and add and update records
  • Leverage existing spreadsheets format and control what data is bi-directional with Salesforce

Valorx allows you to extend Salesforce to Google Sheets now along with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets so that you continue to work in your comfort zone with all the familiarities with GSheets. This video gives you a brief introduction to Google Sheets runtime. It showcases from simple to more complex use cases leveraging the power of Google Sheets frontend. And how every single interface, object and datatype get a first class treatment and how users can work naturally with Sheets.

Valorx takes care of all the plumbing with rest to relationships, record ids, salesforce controls like triggers, workflows validation rules, etc. With Gsheets, you can leverage existing functionality like sorting, filtering, have the ability to collaborate and share documents with each other while everything is bi-directional now with salesforce.

Install it from GSuite Marketplace to experience the ease and power of Valorx.