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The Power of Google Sheets for Salesforce - Valorx Wave

Valorx Wave Google Sheets Experience

Managing data in today’s CRM is painfully tedious. A clunky interface leads to hours spent online-by-line editing and endless clicking. Exporting CRM data to edit it offline also leads to issues – like poor data hygiene and data incompleteness.

With a way to bulk edit your CRM data, you get to be more productive and work with the most complete set of data, every time.

That’s what you get with Valorx Wave.

Wave transforms your Salesforce into a Google Sheets-like experience, providing all the data management capabilities you expect from a spreadsheet.

With the improved interface, you can get more out of your Salesforce without spending more time in it.

If you're spending several hours in Salesforce every week, check out Valorx Wave:

  • A Google Sheets-like experience for your live CRM data.
  • Bulk edit hundreds to thousands of records at once.
  • Use features like conditional formatting, copy/paste, formulas, and others.

Level up your CRM experience with Valorx Wave – for free.

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