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The Complete Guide to Optimizing CPQ [Download]

Blog Header Optimize Salesforce CPQ Guide

For enterprises today, CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is essential to handling complex sales scenarios. The technology empowers sales teams to generate quotes quickly, mitigating product and pricing intricacies, global sales complexities, customer demands for quick turnaround, and more. Research shows that sales reps take 73% more time to produce a typical quote or proposal when not using CPQ software.

However, CPQ implementations are expensive, time consuming, and challenging to adopt for many businesses. Even after all these challenges, not all implementations yield success, even after quarters (or years) of implementation.

This guide looks closely at how CPQ and CRM systems work together, and CPQ's capabilities to manage intricate product configurations and quote generation. It examines the challenges faced by enterprises in their CPQ implementations, such as software complexity and user adoption challenges. The guide also explores how to simplify the CPQ experience, mitigate quoting complexity, and optimize adoption to drive success.

Key outcomes from reading this guide include:

  • Improved understanding of CPQ's impact on business operations
  • Improved understanding of CPQ implementation challenges
  • Insights into optimizing CPQ processes with Valorx Fusion
  • Tactics for efficient and profitable CPQ adoption

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Ben Wong, Sales Operation Manager, ADOBE