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By Meenal Gupta

Teladoc Health Maintains Data Accuracy in Salesforce Across 3 Organizations


Founded in 2002, Teladoc Health provides a virtual healthcare system that connects you with a real doctor or specialist by phone or through video making healthcare accessible, cost-effective, and convenient. Teladoc leveraged Salesforce Revenue Cloud for their quoting needs but in 2020 acquired two healthcare companies that also used Salesforce and found themselves managing three different CRM instances. Since merging the three would take time, Teladoc Salesforce users were responsible for managing critical data across all three orgs separately — a tedious and time-consuming process.

The challenge

Generating a quote that included products across the three Salesforce CPQ orgs was nearly impossible and the team was not able to view a full list of records from different organizations without complex middleware. Creating multiple reports, exporting data into Excel, and manually entering each data point back into Salesforce was extremely daunting and increased the chances of human error.

While Teladoc was convinced Revenue Cloud was the right quoting software for them, they needed a complementary solution that would allow the Teladoc team to interact with Salesforce data but with a more convenient user interface. Valorx was made to simplify your user experience with Salesforce when dealing with complex or multi-org data sets.

Connect multiple Salesforce environments with Valorx

Valorx made it easy for the Teladoc team to connect their multiple Salesforce environments simultaneously via an Excel interface allowing them to view all their data in a single workbook. Not only was Teladoc able to view multiple orgs side by side, but they were also able to adjust quote lines by transmitting data through an Excel spreadsheet. With a simple click of a button, the team was able to transfer all data edited from Excel into Salesforce which lowered the risk of human error. They also had the ability to create an external key that can be used to represent the same quote lines across multiple orgs and input criteria to filter and view data in Excel tabs.


Complex data management SIMPLIFIED

Valorx simplified the user experience for the team at Teladoc by giving them unified access to their Salesforce orgs with the ability to edit data across the orgs in Excel saving hours of time, reducing human error, and eliminating the need to implement complex middleware technology.

Improve your data quality and management with Valorx

Want to optimize your Salesforce experience? Valorx Fusion combines Excel’s speed and versatility with the comprehensiveness of Salesforce. Connect with Valorx today.

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