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By Jennifer Ou

How Hallmark Transitioned from Salesforce Classic to Lightning


A classic move

Hallmark is a classic brand that is adopting modern technologies to remain relevant in today’s digital business environment. As part of that modernization, Hallmark transitioned from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. With Lightning, users experience an improved interface and other innovative new features designed to make selling easier and boost productivity. While Lightning is a powerful UI, many of Hallmark’s Salesforce users needed help making the transition from Classic.

Hallmark faced several challenges when switching to Lightning. They decided to modernize their Salesforce applications during this transition, but their legacy data records did not map directly to the new data model. Hallmark was also concerned that adopting to the new features of Lightning would take time and cause users to fall behind on their work.

Export, convert, and import with Valorx

Understanding these concerns, Salesforce introduced Hallmark to Valorx. Valorx provided an innovative platform that eased data migration necessary to support the application modernization. Valorx is a Salesforce ISV partner that enabled Hallmark to convert their legacy data model to the new model by leveraging Excel to export, convert, and import data back into Salesforce — all while maintaining data quality and security.

Additionally, Hallmark’s reseller partners faced difficulties forecasting their product deliveries and visualizing and sorting their orders across different stores. With Salesforce’s UI, users were limited to 50 quote line items they could view simultaneously despite needing to access 1000’s at a time.


With Valorx, Hallmark designed an Excel UI that allowed partners to manage their quotes efficiently. Partners accessed up to a million records on a spreadsheet resulting faster performance. All the standard features of Excel such as formulas, drag and drop, copy and paste, cell formatting, charts, cell protection, and more made for a powerful UI that the resellers found extremely efficient. Resellers were given a better experience to manage store level ordering resulting in an increase in productivity and data quality and happy users.

Salesforce & Valorx make a classic pair

Hallmark discovered that Salesforce and Valorx make a classic pair that works together to improve the user experience and boost business productivity.

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