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By Pranav Shah

ICYMI: Valorx Year in Review 2023

Valorx Year in Review 2023 Blog Header

As we reflect on the past year at Valorx, we're filled with a deep sense of pride and gratitude. It's been a period of significant milestones and exciting developments contributing to our mission of enhancing the Salesforce experience for professionals around the world. We’ve launched a new product, made significant upgrades to Fusion, rebranded, and so much more.

In case you missed it, here’s the Valorx Year in Review 2023.

  • Wave: elevating your Salesforce experience (again)
  • Introducing Valorx 2.0
  • The newest, most improved Fusion
  • Attending Dreamforce 2023
  • Valorx team growth
  • New partnerships
  • The mission

Wave: elevating your Salesforce experience (again)

This year, we announced a brand new product, Wave.

Wave Launch Image with Bulk Editing and Conditional Formatting

Valorx Fusion is a robust tool built to support complex work including CPQ, forecasting, and data migration. With Wave, we built a product that supports the productivity needs of the everyday Salesforce user. Wave simplifies CRM data management with a browser-based, Google Sheets-like experience for Salesforce. Without leaving Salesforce, users can now edit data in bulk, apply conditional formatting, work in multi-object views, share custom views to collaborate with their team more meaningfully.

In addition to Wave’s powerful grid editing capabilities, Wave also includes Smart Import - the error-free import tool. Smart Import auto-maps your import fields and then provides an editable import preview. Errors and missing information are flagged and users can make bulk edits to resolve any issues before completing the import. This prevents the constant cycle of fixing errors and re-importing data, and lets you get your imports done on the first go.

Wave is available for free via the Chrome Web store. There’s no trial period or credit card required to use it.

Get Wave Free

Introducing Valorx 2.0

To reflect our own journey, innovations and goals, we decided to provide a completely new brand experience, including the launch of our new award-winning website.

With the continuous improvements to Fusion and the introduction of Wave, it was fitting to upgrade the look and feel of Valorx as a whole.

With the help of our partner, we made the website easier to navigate . The navigation provides a breakdown of challenges the Valorx products solve, and a robust resource center lets you search across the entire site and other Valorx domains to find helpful resources on Fusion, Wave, and Salesforce data management (all in one place).

Our partner, Terra, was awarded the CSS Design Award for their work. Check out the new site by visiting the Valorx homepage.

The newest, most-improved Fusion

Fusion is the flagship product of Valorx with years of development and improvements behind it. This year we’ve made significant upgrades to Fusion to further elevate the data management experience for our clients.

We introduced new features like a rich text editor, the flyout menu for improved product navigation, and enhanced import capabilities.

We introduced Mass Modifier, a bulk editing tool that lets you set specific criteria for the data you want to update, allowing you to edit hundreds to thousands of records at once in Salesforce.

Fusion users can work completely offline now, editing data and making changes that sync with live Salesforce instances once back online. It’s another way we ensure users can stay productive.

Most significant however, is the major performance boost Fusion’s latest release delivers to its users - 20x faster load and operation speeds.

You can read about it here.

With these kinds of continual improvements, our clients get more and more value from using Fusion. It’s also how we’ve maintained a perfect score on the AppExchange (5/5 stars), how we’ve grown to 28,000 active users in our first few years, and why 25+ Fortune 500 companies rely on us today.

Attending Dreamforce 2023 (in style)

The Valorx Team at Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce is one of the biggest tech events of the year, drawing thousands of attendees.

Our first time attending Dreamforce was just in 2022. We made so many meaningful connections and got great reactions to Fusion and its capabilities. For Dreamforce 2023, we leveled things up:

  • Officially launched Wave
  • Introduced a game to demonstrate to visitors the ease and power of grid editing and importing with Wave.
  • Showcased the new Fusion v14
  • Revealed our new website and branding

This year we co-sponsored an executive retreat at the SPUR with our partners at Uptima. This was a more intimate setting for industry leaders to discuss solving complex problems and to explore the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Dreamforce 2023 was an exciting event, our team had a blast showcasing Wave and Fusion, and all the positive reactions tell us we’re continuing to deliver value to our Salesforce community.

Valorx team has a growth spurt

The Valorx team is always growing.

As a completely remote organization, with offices in 5 different countries, we aim to hire the best and brightest around the world. It takes many talented hands to build and grow products that solve today’s complex business challenges in simple but elegant ways.

This past year we added new members to the engineering, product, and marketing teams, growing headcount by 35%. We’re growing fast to support our high standard of innovation, to build the best Salesforce productivity tools, and to expand our Professional Services team to tackle more unique client challenges.

You can learn about the team here.

Nurturing long-term partnerships

We continue to strengthen our partnerships with enterprise organizations, including Salesforce and Uptima.

Today, we work even more closely with Salesforce account executives, engineers, and architects. With Fusion and Wave, Valorx provides more value by meeting a wider range of needs. We deeply value the trust Salesforce has placed in us, as well as our ability to streamline business processes and enhance productivity for our mutual customers.

Our partnership with Uptima remains strong as ever. For a second year we’ve co-sponsored an event alongside Dreamforce (The Factory at SPUR), connecting with business leaders and facilitating discussions around rising complex business problems (and how to solve them). Uptima clients belong to many industries and have highly unique, sophisticated needs. We enjoy the challenges that this brings, as well as the opportunities to learn and innovate further.

The mission is crystal clear

When Fusion launched in 2020, it did something conceptually simple - connect existing Excel spreadsheets to live Salesforce data. But what it enabled was far-reaching.

Our clients are solving significant challenges with Salesforce CPQ - high-volume, multi-dimensional, and professional services quoting; on-demand forecasting and scenario modeling; working with multiple data sources in one place; easily managing org migrations, and so much more.

With Wave, we’re doing something similar. The Google Sheets-like experience allows everyday users to work more productively in Salesforce with familiar, highly-useful features.

With these existing tools and experiences, we’re delivering solutions that minimize process adoption and maximize productivity for our clients. This approach is the foundation for our mission today:

We’re here to build simple but powerful products that enhance the software already used by millions of business professionals. With Valorx Fusion and Wave, we empower professionals to work the way they want to with the data they trust.

What to expect in 2024

2023 has been a rewarding year for the Valorx team. In 2024, we’ll continue to dream big and deliver even more value to our clients.

Leveling up Valorx Wave

Fusion has had many upgrades over the years, with thousands of customers providing us invaluable feedback on where to improve/make changes. We’ll do the same with Wave, elevating the experience so that all our users can be even more productive.

We have a surprise for fans of Wave slated late 2024 Q1.

Enhancing Fusion

Expect Fusion to get more meaningful upgrades that help our clients work more productively. We have a robust roadmap for 2024 and expect our many Fusion customers to gain a lot of value from what’s coming next.

More hires on the way

We’re still hiring for a range of roles, with a number of opportunities open now, expecting to grow just as significantly next year as we did in 2023.

It’s important to always have the capacity to serve our customers’ interests in ways that are thoughtful, methodical, and timely. Expanding the Valorx roster of talent each year helps us do just that.

Curious? You can check out our current open opportunities here.

We’re grateful for the team of special individuals who continue to raise the bar at Valorx. And we’re grateful to have seen another successful year filled with learning and growth.

We look forward to an even bigger, brighter year in 2024.

Pranav Shah

CEO, Valorx