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By Meenal Gupta

Project Forecasting with Valorx


In this article, we are going to see the importance of our Project Forecasting App and how we can easily create and manage project forecasting workflows with Valorx.

To handle the increasing variety and complexity of managerial forecasting problems, many forecasting techniques have been developed in recent years. Each with its special use, and care.

Our market request forecasting is a basic procedure for any business, however maybe none or more so than those in buyer-packaged products. Stocks, production, storage, delivery, showcasing, etc.; each aspect of any organization’s activities are influenced by accurate forecasting. Identifying shoppers’ preferences and their likeness to buy, and make these organizations settle on better choices with respect to product offerings, entering new markets and their supply chains.

What is Project Forecasting?

Project forecasting is the process of making conjectures about future performance, which can help managers decide whether to create new projects and whether to continue with existing projects.

The success of any project is likely to be judged by how well it achieves a defined outcome while meeting performance expectations.

What is Project Forecasting with Valorx?

If you are a salesforce customer and are struggling and juggling with a huge amount of data and opportunities, we, Valorx bring Microsoft Excel to the forefront of your CRM, allowing you to manage every single CRM task. Valorx is a combination of speed, amazing UI, bulk data processing and so much more.

Using Valorx is easier than anything. With us, you work in your CRM at blazing speed, naturally, interacting with Excel and Valorx will take care of the changes for you. You do not have to keep juggling with tons of data anymore; just simply pick the components of the Project Forecasting App and our bots will shape it as per your business needs.

Project Forecasting using Salesforce CPQ – PSA offering:

Project Forecasting consists of taking the project status information and extrapolating the current project performance to the end of the project. Forecasts can be made with respect to project duration, overall project cost, performance/quality level of project deliverables, or any combination of these.

If you have Valorx pre-installed in your system, then you will notice a spreadsheet with 6 tabs that are leveraged to create a services quote for a professional services automation (PSA). This capability would enable both product + services or services-only organizations to accurately and scientifically arrive at a project plan, costing and total cost of ownership (TCO) for the end customer.

This automation is driven by Salesforce CPQ and as the Quote/Project gets accepted, these services estimate (one-time as well as subscription) will seamlessly flow into the CPQ Billing engine for invoicing, etc.

quote lines

The Business Forecasting and Scheduling package includes –

  • Valorx Fusion
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Multiple Sales Agreement in a unique single window view
  • Supports Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Schedules
  • Salesforce Quantity and Revenue Scheduling
  • Rolling Demand Forecast
  • Supports Custom Data Model

Core features in Project Forecasting with Valorx

  • Opening a Quote directly from Valorx or a quote launch Valorx.

Project Planning across different tasks and phases.

  • Start with pre-determined project tasks and phases (they are mastered in Salesforce) for Time & Materials (T&M) or Fixed Bid projects (T&M in this example).
  • Custom planning or use our apply quick entry to arrive at the project cost breakdown by phases.
  • Every single data point is tracked under a Quote.
  • Easily create multiple versions (quotes), compare project plans and switch any quote version.

Resource Forecasting and Planning – monthly or weekly

  • Ability to add resources from Time and Materials Price Book.
  • Ability to group resources per location, practice, resource role, etc.
  • 2-dimensional matrix view to easily plan resource allocation monthly (24 months in this example). It can also be weekly
  • Ability to see cost estimate per resource, per month and average and total project resourcing cost.
  • Configuring resources to an engagement in bulk.
    • Add/update 100’s quote lines in seconds.
    • Add multiple resources of the same skill group, practice, etc.
worldwide services

T&E, Project Management and One-time Travel planning

  • Granular and transparent Time & Expense (T&E) planning.
  • Account for common project expenses – be it project management or customer-specific one-time expenses.
  • Each of the forecasted T&E lines is added to the quote under a T&E group.

Rates and Ramping

  • Supports contractual and standard rates with the ability to override rates. Rates directly coming from CPQ
  • Monthly ramping, amp up/down
Rates and Ramping


  • Supports the cost of living upgrades at a monthly level.
  • Provide discounting of cost of living at a resource level of group level.
data on valorx

Reports and Misc.

  • Create P&L tablets
  • Generate rate cards
  • Manage multi-currency conversion
  • Once all the project details are uploaded from Valorx, Quote can then route for approvals using standard Salesforce Advanced Approval (AA)
table with data


For successfully completing projects, it is necessary for forecasts to be made using core systems for managing estimates, measuring accomplishment, and deciphering the interaction between change and ongoing activity. Developing and using such systems strengthens the project team.

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