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By Pranav Shah

Elevating your CRM Experience (Again): The Launch of Valorx Wave

Elevate your CRM experience with Valorx Wave Blog Header

Dear Salesforce community,

At Valorx, we aspire to help people around the world maximize the potential of their business-critical CRM data. Over the last few years we’ve continuously enhanced Valorx Fusion, giving connected spreadsheets to many of Salesforce’s largest customers to solve complex challenges.

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the launch of Valorx Wave, a web-based product to make Salesforce users more productive. If you spend a few hours or more a week in Salesforce, Wave will save you time (and clicks). If you’re familiar with the phrase “if the data isn’t in Salesforce, then it doesn’t exist”, your team will love this software.

Valorx builds products that enhance the software already used daily by millions of business professionals. The tech you’ve been using undoubtedly serves you well, but we believe that the status quo can always be improved.

Wave is built upon a core Valorx principle: seeking out the elegant solution. Amid the myriad complexities of CRM data management, Wave provides an intuitive interface, enhancing Salesforce with a spreadsheet-like experience, familiar if you’ve used products like Google Sheets. Bulk edits, once time-consuming, are now a breeze, while easy, error-free data imports become the norm (rather than the exception). If you find yourself exporting and manipulating live data outside of your CRM, there’s now a better way - stay online, keep your data live, and drive more collaboration with your live data.

We’ve made it easy for our Salesforce community to use Wave. It’s as simple as adding a Chrome extension to your browser and logging into Salesforce. We’ve built a feature-rich free tier, and you don’t need a credit card to get started. We hope that you and your colleagues find value in this new, better way to interact with your Salesforce data.

In the journey of software enhancement, your feedback is our compass. The future holds many more groundbreaking features for Wave, and we’re eager to hear your insights. Together, let’s continue to transform the status quo and excel in how we interact with our CRM data.

Thank you for inspiring, guiding, and being a part of our mission.

To learn more and start using Wave, visit Valorx Wave.

Pranav Shah

CEO, Valorx