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By Jerret Kasper

How Valorx and Salesforce Revenue Cloud Support the Next Generation of Dynamic Revenue Teams

How Valorx and Salesforce Revenue Cloud Support the Next Generation of Dynamic Revenue Teams

Complicated technologies along with changing consumer behaviors are causing organizations to source new operational models that support dynamic revenue teams. And as more business investments are made to improve the customer experience, it’s critically important to recognize that your customers no longer follow a linear buying model. They conduct their own research, evaluate you against your competitors and make decisions faster and will demand the same speed and responsiveness of your business.

To manage these changing market dynamics and meet the needs of your customers, your revenue teams (sales, sales operation, customer success, marketing, etc.) will require new levels of speed, visibility, governance and cross-functional collaboration than ever before. Does your organization have the proper tools and systems that allow your teams the ability to process and manage customer data quickly?

A robust solution for modern and dynamic revenue teams.

Valorx and Salesforce Revenue Cloud together create a robust solution for modern selling and dynamic revenue teams in search of an easier, faster way to manage the customer quoting process. With Valorx, you can transfer Salesforce data to Excel and back with all of the controls of Salesforce saving your teams time, increasing speed and enabling productivity. Your users can access, update and process customer quotes from Excel straight to your revenue cloud instance and with the Valorx easy to configure design studio, you can design customizable business applications in Excel while leveraging your Salesforce data records. This allows users to process customer quotes while leveraging all the Excel functions your team is familiar with.

Name a better duo. Valorx and Salesforce Revenue Cloud.


With Valorx and Revenue Cloud, your revenue teams can:

  • Manage multiple records across multiple data objects in a single sheet
  • Import and export data from Salesforce to Excel with a single click
  • Leverage our existing Excel formulas to populate Salesforce fields
  • Create new Salesforce records from within your Excel spreadsheet

Marrying the two technologies together allows your organization to maintain Salesforce as your system of record and Excel as the familiar and easy to use interface that your teams are already using! Sales & sales ops, marketing teams, and customer success teams up until this point have relied on separate tech stacks and systems (CRM, spreadsheets, business intelligence, marketing automation) leading to big disconnects in data, proper workflows and ultimately hindering productivity and revenue growth. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Valorx & Salesforce Revenue Cloud together improved the accuracy of Virtusa’s customer quotes.

Virtusa was founded in 1996 and provides technology resourcing services for large enterprises and software vendors. As a technology resource company specializing in a variety of industries and technology services, their customer quotes can be very complex. As a Salesforce Revenue Cloud user, they needed a complementary solution that could ease their quoting process and minimize errors.

Valorx built a lightning fast and complementary Quote Line Editor (QLE) in Excel as the interface to front Salesforce quoting. All Salesforce pricing, product and platform rules were honored and still managed in the Salesforce platform. The Virtusa team finally had the ability to change one to many records using simple drag and fill functions within Excel and was able to save HOURS generating large and small quotes through the Valorx QLE.

The next evolution of data quality management.

Valorx and Salesforce Revenue Cloud together support the next evolution of data quality management, faster sales cycles, and an improved customer experience.

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