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By Jennifer Ou

Why you should integrate Excel with Salesforce

Why you should integrate Excel with Salesforce

Economists predict that 2023 will present new economic challenges, including high levels of informality in the economy. These challenges encourages companies to scale back, and lay off employees which will require organizations to become more efficient and effective with less resources. The added pressure of the economic environment often gets passed onto revenue teams that are asked to increase sales with fewer team members and smaller budgets.

Many organizations rely on Salesforce as the world’s leading CRM to help them achieve their revenue goals. When pressure is placed on revenue teams, there is additional scrutiny on their activities, especially when it comes to tracking and reporting to maintain an updated forecast. While using Salesforce effectively can make your sales team more successful, user adoption and quality of data are two of the largest challenges Salesforce customers encounter. Using Salesforce effectively is more important than ever. It aids in reducing the amount of time spent managing data and automates various processes. Spending too much time with data manipulation in Salesforce can slow down a revenue team’s productivity. Instead of engaging with customers and prospects, team members spend time updating CRM data, which is crucial but takes time away from closing business.

Most companies address these challenges by trying to simplify the user experience for sales users, while maintaining proper data governance, security, and validation. Companies often use custom Visualforce pages to build processes and interfaces that make sales teams more effective, but this can take immense time and effort to develop. Although Visualforce pages can provide personalized user interfaces, they have limited flexibility and require developers to build and maintain. Having a customized UI can support productivity but there is an even better way to promote productivity among sales team. What if you could provide your team with a familiar tool that they’ve used for years to help them get more work done, faster? Excel and Google Sheets are the perfect tool for that purpose. They offer familiar, simple user interfaces with tons of productivity-enhancing functions. By integrating spreadsheets with Salesforce, you can have the best of both worlds: increased productivity and efficiency from spreadsheets, with effective data management, reporting and forecasting from Salesforce.

Ensure that you start 2023 right by enabling your Salesforce users to be the most productive ever. Make sure that you have confidence in your CRM data while allowing your revenue teams to move faster than ever, so that you can make the right decisions to scale your business.

Valorx Fusion

Integrating customizations into existing Salesforce environments can be difficult and time consuming. If we dive deeper into the potential customizations Salesforce offers, it can be quite confusing, especially with user permission and permission sets. Roles and profiles are extremely important when it comes to accessing the right data but companies find it difficult to create the right profiles and hierarchal structure. Salesforce has an immense ability for customization which allows it to meet the need of many users, however, it may take a lot of effort to perform these customizations which companies may not always have the time or money for. Poor error handling may result in unpredictable and unreliable results.

Salesforce is aware of these potential issues their users may experience which is why they produced Salesforce AppExchange. AppExchange gives Salesforce partners the opportunity to create and publish extensions of Salesforce to enhance user experience. Users can choose and install solutions that fit their specific use case.

Valorx Fusion is an ISV partner product that can be found on Salesforce AppExchange. Fusion enables Salesforce users to access their Salesforce data with spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheet). As a managed package, Fusion provides extendable functions to your spreadsheet so that you can extract data from Salesforce, modify the data, and export that data back into Salesforce without having to leave the spreadsheet. All the spreadsheet functionality like selecting multiple cells, copy and pasting, using formula across cells are all available for the user. Even advanced spreadsheet functions like pivot tables, charts, mapping and programmed macros are also supported.

Fusion is simple enough for non-technical Salesforce users but is powerful enough for system admins to manage multiple orgs, user setting, and bulk data maintenance. Valorx Fusion will help users save time, maintain organization, and increase productivity.

Valorx Fusion enables users to update and maintain their Salesforce data in Excel or Google Sheets. Updating hundreds of opportunities can be performed in seconds with minimal training. If your users know how to use Excel, they already know how to use Fusion.

Data Security with Fusion

Valorx Fusion differentiates itself from other spreadsheet tools that interact with Salesforce data by maintaining strict authentication of the user accessing the Salesforce data. Each user will authenticate their Salesforce session with their own user login and password. Record and field access is based upon those credentials, so you do noy need to worry about data leakage just because a spreadsheet is being to access the data.

To ensure quality data, Valorx validates data during editing in the spreadsheet and triggers validation rules when the data is being saved by the user to Salesforce. Picklist fields, for examples, will be restricted to available values as defined in Salesforce to simplify the user experience and avoid mistakes that can happen if those fields act like free text in the spreadsheet and fail when users try to save those values into Salesforce.

Valorx follows all profiles, permission sets and field level security settings meaning Valorx will never bypass the original Salesforce security set up by the system admin. Additional logic and more controls can be applied in Valorx as well. To learn more about how Valorx secures your data, check out our security blog.

Valorx Fusion can simplify your CPQ Process

Valorx Fusion offers a CPQ solution that enables users to improve buying experience, shorten time to income, have more successful revenue generation, scale sales efforts and accurately estimate sales. Valorx offers a connected sales process where users can close agreements quicker than ever before. Managers would be able to reduce income leakage by removing errors and inconsistencies from the quoting process. Learn more about Valorx’s CPQ solution by checking out our CPQ blog.

Valorx Fusion may be the right solution for you.

If you want to simplify user adoption and quality of data when working with Salesforce, Valorx can be your solution. If you want to see a demo of Valorx Fusion where we showcase how easy it is to use, check out our webinar here.