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By Jerret Kasper

Managing Price Books just got A LOT easier with Valorx

Managing Price Books just got A LOT easier with Valorx

Has managing price books become the bane of your existence?

Price books are used in Salesforce to indicate which products and services are sellable and at what price. Organizations can create different price books to support different regions or different partner channels. Price books have start and end dates so they can be used to manage future price changes as well. Price books provide organizations flexibility in managing and scheduling prices, but it can be a tedious and error prone task to update all the price book entries and compare prices in one price book vs another price book.

Organizations that have a high volume of price book entries often engage IT when price changes are required. IT would assist by exporting the price book entries for the business user, and then import the changes back into Salesforce when the changes have been made. This means that business users are dependent on the availability of an IT professional to get their job done. The alternative is to manually make changes one entry at a time, which can be a time consuming job.

There’s a better way to manage complex pricing in Salesforce. The answer? Valorx.

Valorx provides a third option managing prices for businesses. By augmenting Excel with a Valorx app, users can use their credentials and log in to Salesforce to query and import price book entries into Excel. Those users can then make the necessary updates and then upload it back into Salesforce without leaving the Excel application.

Valorx has some additional benefits that are not available in other approaches. For example, a user can import multiple price books into a single Excel sheet so that the user can compare the prices across multiple price books. Familiar Excel functionalities such as cutting and pasting values, conditional format, and applying formula fields are all supported. Once updates are made, Valorx will allow users to export the date from Excel to Salesforce. In situations where a formula is used in an Excel field, Valorx is intelligent enough to export the value, so that Salesforce can accept the data based upon the correct field type.

Update multiple price books like a PRO with Valorx Mass Modifiers

Requested by users, Valorx has created a mass modifier feature not available in standard Excel. This feature allows users to select a block of data cells and apply a formula against it. For example, a user can select a set of prices and “increase all product prices by X percent”. This saves the user time by not having to create additional cells for calculations, applying a formula to that cell, and then pasting the value back to the original cell.

Imagine being able to manage 100’s of thousands of price book entries across numerous price books simultaneously. Imagine being able to calculate the differences between price books so that you can optimize pricing based upon different segmentations. With Valorx, you can take full control of your pricing strategy.

Managing price books can be difficult, especially if you do not have the right tools. Valorx makes it easy to modify prices or add discounts.

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