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By Meenal Gupta

3 Things you likely didn’t know about Valorx

3 Things you likely didn’t know about Valorx

Whether you’re a Salesforce architect, admin, or sales ops pro, you’re familiar with the time it takes to update large amounts of data in Salesforce. Relating different objects and creating/designing data flows to manipulate large chunks of data is difficult. You may be wondering if there is an easier way. There is.

What is Valorx? And what’s Valorx Fusion?

Fusion is a native solution that provides seamless integration between Salesforce and Google Sheets or Mircosoft Excel. Fusion is built so you can continue using the spreadsheet that you know and love. You get all the functionalities of a spreadsheet with the power of Salesforce. You can edit Salesforce data directly from your spreadsheet in real-time with only a few clicks.

To tackle any business requirements, Valorx Design Studio allows App designers to build Valorx Apps. You just need to convert an existing Microsoft Excel workbook into a Valorx App. You could also build a new Valorx App from the ground up.

We’ve helped hundreds of users with better and more effective data management so that your business can have a single source of truth within Salesforce. And while Fusion is native, your data is never stored natively within our software. We always operate under all the Salesforce-level security controls that are already in place within your Salesforce instance.

To access Valorx functionalities, all you need to do is click on the buttons on the Valorx Fusion Ribbon. It is the same way you would use Excel functionalities such as inserting a Pivot Table or chart.


The majority of the Valorx Fusion Ribbon buttons are customizable by App Designers in Design Studio. These buttons are governed by Workflow and UX.

These buttons can be configured in Workflow in a no-code environment to automate various tasks and enhance the user experience. In addition, default buttons are available on our Toolbar which allows users to have quick access to frequently used functions. Examples would include updating records, looking up related records and mass modifier features. Our Express Mode also enables you to have quick access to objects and fields with few clicks.

Valorx is more than just an Excel connector—it has a powerful, familiar UI that looks and functions like a spreadsheet. So what? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple UI that connects you and your Salesforce data? Connect with Valorx and we’ll handle the rest.

Here are a few more things you need to know about Valorx:

1. The limit does not exist.

the limit gif

With Valorx, you’re not constrained by the 2,000-record limit set by Salesforce. Valorx Fusion follows the same construct and limitations of a spreadsheet so you can essentially view a nearly unlimited amount of data in one workbook. You can create multiple Salesforce reports and append them together to create a mass list in Fusion.

Fusion is a highly functional software that not only saves you time but also increases productivity for you and your team. Let me list some of those functions. Fusion enables you to:

  • Pull any Salesforce report, and we really mean ANY report.
  • Pull data using Salesforce SOQL with no coding required
  • Insert, Update, Delete or Upsert up to 1 million records at a time
  • Mass-merge Accounts, Contacts, and Leads (only for Enterprise Admins)
  • Convert up to 1 million leads in one session
  • Work offline and convert updated data once you’re reconnected
  • Utilize the Translation workbench from Excel.

Doesn’t this take a load off your shoulders?

Fusion provides tools to push and pull data from Salesforce, gives you the ability to work on it in a spreadsheet either online or offline and requires less clicks. No CSV files, no hassle. You will have all the functionalities of a spreadsheet at your fingertips.

2. We’re HUGE security people.

huge gif

Worried about security? Data breaches are no joke and we don’t want that happening to you. At Valorx, we understand the importance of data security whether it is due to external or internal circumstances. Therefore, Fusion honours the Salesforce security model. How? Here’s an explanation:

  • User profile, field-level security and permission sets are going to have the same settings as your Salesforce org.
  • If you do not have access to something in Salesforce, you will not have access to it in Fusion.
  • Valorx does not store any data and you don’t need a local copy.
  • Everything is stored in your Salesforce environment.
  • Fusion honours single sign-on

3. Editing data in Fusion requires less clicks and less time.

click gif

Valorx Fusion enables you to access your Salesforce data directly from Excel in real-time. This means you have all the functionalities of Excel including copy and paste, drag and drop, formulas, mass editing and more. You get more work done with less clicks. It only takes one click to transfer all your updated data into Salesforce. Fusion enables powerful data manipulation by:

  • Updating multiple Salesforce records within seconds
  • Uploading and downloading data with one click
  • Including every Excel functionality
  • Delivering real-time error messages and validations

Fusion also increases productivity by:

  • Saving data entry formats as templates that you can reuse
  • Enabling filters
  • Enabling mass editing
  • Enabling the customization of records and fields

Valorx includes easy-to-use admin features to facilitate user access controls to the Fusion Apps. There is low change management and user adaption is high. Using Fusion is like using an Excel workbook. All the functionalities (Data Filters, Formulas, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Table, Charts and so on) will continue to work since they are still in Excel.

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