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Choosing the Right Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner

Revenue Cloud Partner Blog Update

Salesforce Revenue Cloud allows businesses to manage the complete revenue lifecycle from end to end.

Revenue Cloud brings together a suite of existing Salesforce solutions including CPQ, Billing and Invoice, Advanced Approvals, Experience Cloud, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), and B2B/B2C Commerce Cloud into a single unified system. This gives businesses a complete view of the customers’ journey from initial interest signals down to making a final payment.

More than just integrating Salesforce products, Revenue Cloud introduces more automation, enhanced quoting capabilities, integrated quoting and billing, more accurate revenue recognition, a better buying experience for the customer, and more.

It’s a powerful and robust system that allows businesses to operate more efficiently and strategically.

However, tapping into its full potential can be challenging.

Revenue Cloud’s interface has limitations that can make working with higher volumes of data difficult for teams across the business. It also runs into performance issues, like unexpectedly slowing down or timing out while generating quotes, for example.

This often leads to employees managing their data in spreadsheets and generating quotes offline, which then leads to incomplete data in Salesforce. These data gaps then hinder the business’ decision-making.

Navigating these kinds of challenges is what a Revenue Cloud partner (or implementation partner) is for.

Choosing your Salesforce Revenue Cloud partner

[...] Really evaluate the partner that you're going to work with because it's not just that they can sell Salesforce. It's more. What's the depth of relationship they have with Salesforce? What's the reputation and the ecosystem? What is their relationship with some of the ISV partners like Valorx that are often needed to solve complex use cases and deliver a solution that is adoptable?

  • Alex Bell, Chief Strategy Officer, Uptima

A Salesforce Revenue Cloud partner helps your business implement and successfully adopt Revenue Cloud. The best partners will have a highly-experienced team, a wealth of technical expertise, and deep relationships with both Salesforce and its Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), ensuring your Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation supports all of your business’ needs.

Signs of a good Revenue Cloud partner:

Not their first rodeo
Good Revenue Cloud partners have a proven track record of successful implementations and have solved many unique, complex business challenges. They possess a deep understanding of how to plan effectively, how to set expectations, how to achieve company-wide alignment, how to support (and challenge) business leaders, how to keep the project on track, and how to navigate obstacles along the way. 

They accelerate time to value
Partners streamline the move to Salesforce from legacy systems. Not only do they have the technical expertise, they also have tools developed in house to execute faster, smoother data migration and deployment. 

By reducing the implementation timeline, businesses can improve their sales processes, enhance customer experiences, and improve revenue growth. This accelerated implementation lets teams focus on core business activities rather than being bogged down by the intricacies of the deployment.

They are focused on adoption
A good Revenue Cloud partner facilitates successful adoption of Revenue Cloud across the business by ensuring the implementation supports all of the business needs. This can involve building custom solutions that support/improve Revenue Cloud functionality and/or introducing experienced ISVs who can solve specific challenges. What’s important here is that your partner has deep relationships with many ISVs and that they’re familiar with each one’s track record, areas of expertise, and ability to deliver.

From there, they should provide ongoing training and support for the new system; collect end user feedback, and provide continuous improvements to the implementation to optimize the outcome.

Revenue Cloud Partner versus Independent Software Vendor

A Revenue Cloud Partner (implementation partner) navigates the entire process of implementation, which includes planning, scoping, building, deploying, testing, supporting, and improving the implementation over months (or years) for a business.

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) provides a technological solution to a set of implementation challenges that the business and implementation partner have identified. In many cases, the ISV has the technology and the team of experts to solve specific use cases and build out solutions that support the overarching implementation.

Valorx is a Salesforce ISV, and Fusion is software that supports Revenue Cloud implementation. Our professional services team works closely with implementation partners by leveraging Fusion’s capabilities to optimize the experience for the business.

Fusion has helped solve complex quoting challenges for BP Oil & Gas, enhanced manufacturing forecasting capabilities for Western Digital, unified data management across for Adobe, and more. We work closely with implementation partners to deliver user-friendly solutions to customers. You can read about some of our work below:

BP Oil & Gas

Western Digital


Optimizing Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Whether you’re starting the implementation journey, or looking to optimize your existing implementation, consider working with Valorx Fusion. You can learn more about our solutions and capabilities here.

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