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By Meenal Gupta

Here's why you need a Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner


Expand the Possibilities of Revenue Cloud.

In late 2020, Salesforce came out with the Revenue Cloud — an evolution of Salesforce CPQ that serves to help businesses accelerate revenue growth, manage quote lines and improve the customer’s buying experience. It’s a powerful tool that sets the standard for configure, price, quote. With the right Salesforce partner you can maximize the value of this tool.

Before diving into the details of this topic, let’s first understand the target audience for the tool and how it is being used today.

The Revenue Cloud is used by people in Sales, Sales Ops, Solution Engineering, Pricing, Product Managers, Finance, Channel Managers, Channel Partners and Customers. The Revenue Cloud is a portfolio of Salesforce products which includes CPQ, Billing and Invoice, Advanced Approvals, Experience Cloud, and B2B/B2C Commerce Cloud. This system allows companies to connect their sales, partner, operations and finance team to create one source for revenue and customer transaction. The Revenue Cloud has several supporting products available in the AppExchange to compliment the features and functionalities of the product.

The most common challenge users encounter with the Revenue Cloud is the interface associated with managing large numbers of quote lines. Adding or editing numerous quote lines require many clicks per quote line. It is even more problematic if you are using tiered pricing. It can take several hours or even days to prepare a quote with hundreds of quote lines. If this is the type of challenge you are facing then you will be happy to know that a solution is available to help your user’s productivity. An AppExchange partner has responded to the many documented feedback associated with the Revenue Cloud by offering a simple-to-use solution.

Make CPQ Work for You with a Salesforce Partner.

Salesforce CPQ is a leading pricing application built on the Salesforce platform. The features and functionalities are world class except in certain situations. By working with a Salesforce partner, you can overcome these limitations.

1. Partners reduce the time to deploy.

During implementation, large amounts of data need to be converted and loaded into the Revenue Cloud. Salesforce provides tools to import data onto the platform but often time, if you are migrating data from legacy systems, you will need to manipulate that data in Excel before loading it into Salesforce. Partners have experience working with customers on implementation and they have created tools to facilitate this activity. The right partner can make this utility commercially available to a broad audience of developers and implementers. This can save time and implementation costs.

2. Partners focus on user productivity.

One of the most time-consuming tasks is inputting data into Salesforce. Each time a user creates a new contact or account, they fill individual fields with multiple clicks. Managing massive quantities of quote line items in the Revenue Cloud is inefficient and frustrating for users. Users are limited with the amount of quote line items they can view, and they are unable to mass update quotes. Collaborating with the right Salesforce partner will enable Salesforce users to enter data more efficiently and increase productivity.

3. Partners enhance Salesforce experience.

Salesforce CPQ was designed for many different use cases, but in terms of supporting quotes with thousands of line items, it is not user-friendly. Business users do not have the ability to import and export data quickly or easily without IT support. Partners engage with users directly to get feedback and suggestions on how those experiences can be improved. Partners can offer solutions that work around Salesforce limitations including the ability to transfer data quickly.

So how do you go about choosing the right partner?

The right Salesforce Revenue Cloud partners extend the functionalities of the platform by simplifying data management. Partners are accredited companies by Salesforce that augment system integrations and offer custom solutions. They can fill in any gaps users might be feeling with the Revenue Cloud. Organizations need to assess which product will support their CRM and resolve their setbacks.

The right partner has experience and knowledge of Salesforce and of their own product, so they know exactly how to help an organization. Partners have the technology that can solve an organization’s Salesforce problems and even enhance their customer’s Salesforce experience. The right Salesforce partner will maintain an organization’s data security and make sure no one can breach their data. You want to make sure your partner has your success in mind.

Need a Partner? Try Valorx!

If you are facing challenges with your Salesforce implementation, Valorx could be the right partner for you. Valorx is a Salesforce ISV partner focused on making your Salesforce experience more efficient. Valorx integrates Excel with Salesforce, enabling you to manage your data in a familiar spreadsheet. You will have all the functionalities of Excel which will increase the speed of editing data. Valorx is user friendly and adoption is simple.

If you are managing more than ten quote lines in a quote, Valorx might be the right solution for you. Valorx has the technology that enables you to view your quote lines in one spreadsheet, make any modifications and import those changes back into Salesforce. Your data will be up-to-date, correct and relevant.

Valorx maintains Salesforce’s infrastructure and does not store data in its own system. Data will only reside in your Salesforce org or in Excel. Valorx adheres to all data security profiles established for Salesforce users.

Get to know the many features Valorx offers. Ease your Salesforce experience and Excel-erate your productivity with Valorx! Connect with us today.

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