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By James Levin

Exports are so 1999

Exports are so 1999 Blog Header

Your cloud-based CRM gives your whole company real-time access to data, fosters collaboration, and establishes itself as the source of truth for all your go-to-market activities. So, why do you see, over and over, export after export, data being taken offline to be modified/manipulated?

Let’s break down the top reasons why exporting data is as outdated as the floppy disk:

1. Stale Data

So you export to a .CSV. That fresh batch of data is already, well, not so fresh. Every moment data is out of your CRM, it risks becoming obsolete. And that’s the data guiding your planning and decisions. Welp.

2. Version Confusion

Exported data often turns into the wild west of version control. "Final_v2" or "Final_Final_v3" - sound familiar? Without real-time collaboration, you’re left with multiple versions (and no way to tell which one’s the good, the bad, and the ugly).

3. Re-import?

Once you’ve made your updates, the journey isn’t over. The manual process of putting data back into the CRM is fraught with pitfalls. Overwriting valuable information, duplicating records, and data import errors make us grit our teeth.

4. Goodbye, Team Synergy

You and your team members are all toiling away offline, updating, editing, and making your own decisions based on your set of exported data. By the time you all re-upload, whose data is actually accurate? Are all key data points accounted for? Is it time for another export? Oh boy.

5. The Security Slip

Exporting data? Congrats, you’ve now taken sensitive information and stored it locally on your machine. With rising device theft, phishing, malware, etc., why take the risk?

The bottom line? It's time to move into the 21st century. With tools like Valorx Wave, you can work within your CRM just like you would in a Google Sheet. No exporting, no stale data, and definitely no maddening import errors.

So, the next time someone suggests exporting data for editing, kindly remind them to leave that task in the 90’s with their Tamagotchis and pogs. The future (and the present) is live, connected, and online. Let’s keep it that way!

P.S. Here’s one of the stickers we brought to Dreamforce this year. Let us know if you’d like one and we’ll gladly send it your way.

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