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The Best Sales Tech Stack for Salesforce Users in 2023

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As a sales professional, you already understand the importance of a strong sales tech stack. The right tools boost your efficiency, complement your ability to leverage your CRM, and provide a number of other capabilities to give you an edge over the competition.

The modern sales tech stack can automate administrative tasks and data entry, freeing up valuable time for selling, which is what you do best. Research shows that 88% of sales professionals are involved in tasks unrelated to sales. A well-configured tech stack can directly address this issue.

Beyond efficiency, a comprehensive sales tech stack provides sharper analytics and insights. These insights empower you to make data-driven decisions that can significantly impact sales outcomes, such as identifying customer behavior trends and tracking email engagement rates.

There are tools today to help you handle complex quoting when your CRM doesn’t, or drawing up contracts with advanced document management and automation that cuts down on manual effort and the risk of errors.

With more sales tools available to simplify the breadth of work sales professionals have in front of them, a solid sales tech stack isn’t just a “nice to have” but necessary for success. Let’s take a look at the sales tools you want to have today.

Best Sales Tech Stack for Salesforce

There’s no universal formula for assembling an ideal sales tech stack. It will always boil down to your team's specific needs. That said, there are some tools today that the modern sales professional simply can’t do without. Several tools have garnered widespread acclaim and can significantly enhance your sales operations.

In 2023, here are 10 sales tools to consider for your sales tech stack:

ZoomInfo Sales OS - Lead Generation Tool

ZoomInfo Sales OS is an excellent lead-generation tool that helps you ramp up your lead-generation efforts. By offering high-quality, real-time data, it ensures that you interact with leads at just the right moment.

This accuracy in timing significantly boosts the likelihood of successful engagement and conversion, giving you and your team an invaluable edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Unique Features: Lead Intelligence, Analytics

Website: ZoomInfo SalesOS

Clearbit - Data Intelligence Tool

Clearbit serves as the backbone for data-driven sales and marketing initiatives. Clearbit helps businesses minimize acquisition costs and maximize ROI by enriching customer data.

Its impact is felt across the sales funnel, aiding in more targeted outreach, better customer segmentation, and, ultimately, improved revenue operations.

Unique Features: Data Availability, Data Cleaning/Enrichment


Demandbase - Account-Based Marketing Tool

Demandbase changes how you approach and engage high-value accounts. It is designed to work with account-based marketing strategies, allowing for personalized and targeted outreach.

The result is a marked improvement in engagement and conversion rates, building stronger relationships with key accounts critical to business growth and success.

Unique Features: Data Segmentation/Filtering, Messaging


ActiveCampaign - Marketing Automation Tool

ActiveCampaign adds value by automating the complexity of multi-channel marketing. It allows you to fine-tune your strategies based on real-time insights, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.
The result is a more engaged customer base and, ultimately, a noticeable increase in your revenue.

Unique Features: Email Marketing, Reporting and Analytics


Valorx Wave - Sales Productivity Tool

Valorx Wave enhances your Salesforce experience by providing a Google Sheets-like interface for more efficient Salesforce data management and workflow optimization.

It minimizes the complexities of traditional data-loading and error-prone imports. It offers a fast, real-time solution for updating and managing your CRM data directly from your browser, eliminating repetitive tasks and cumbersome procedures.

Valorx Wave has a completely free plan that doesn’t require a credit card. That means any sales professional can start using it right away.

Get Valorx Wave for Free

Unique Features: Real-time bulk editing, Google Sheets-like experience, Smart Import

Website: Valorx Wave

Presentation Tool

Prezi redefines what a sales presentation can be, transforming them into immersive, interactive experiences. The tool understands it's not just about showing slides; it's about engaging your audience on a deeper level.

The ability to track prospect engagement also allows you to adapt your strategies, making for more effective and compelling pitches.

Unique Features: Template Creation, Slide Design


Tenfold - Cold Calling Tool

Tenfold addresses one of the most time-consuming aspects of sales: cold calling. By offering insightful data right when you need it, Tenfold ensures that every call counts.

This allows you and your teams to work smarter, not harder, making the most out of every interaction and increasing the potential for conversions.

Unique Features: Click-to-Call, Information Locator


Dropbox Sign - eSignature Tool

Quick and efficient contract workflows are critical to closing deals faster, and Dropbox Sign offers just that. With Dropbox Sign, you can say goodbye to traditional paper-based processes, as it brings agility and speed to your contract workflows.
This not only improves the sales process but also delivers a better and more streamlined experience for your customers.

Unique Features: Document Signing, Reminders and Expirations


PandaDoc - Document Automation Tool

PandaDoc is invaluable for any business looking to expedite its document workflows. By automating the creation and tracking of important documents, it helps facilitate quicker decision-making and approvals.

This speed and efficiency directly impact on your company's bottom line, contributing to faster sales cycles and higher revenue.

Unique Features: Contract Creation, Notifications & Reminders


Relayto Content Management Tool

Relayto is a fantastic content management tool that understands content is king. It transforms static documents into interactive, captivating experiences.

These interactive documents make a lasting impression and provide invaluable insights into reader engagement, enabling you and your team to continuously refine your content strategy.

Unique Features: Rich Media, Online Document Creation


With the right sales tech stack, you're well-positioned to supercharge your sales efforts, boost productivity, and meet your targets more efficiently.

Take a moment to weigh your and your team's distinct needs and aspirations. Explore the diverse tools at your disposal and start creating a sales journey that's not just effective but truly transformative.

Frequently asked questions

1) What is a sales tech stack?

A sales tech stack is a range of software designed to enhance the sales process and complement one another. A strong sales tech stack ensures that for any sales activities, the most efficient tools (and processes) are available.

2) How does a sales tech stack integrate with Salesforce?

Many tools offer seamless integration through APIs or built-in connectors. Salesforce AppExchange has hundreds of tools built specifically to elevate its capabilities. But more tools exist outside of the Salesforce ecosystem as well.

3) Is a sales tech stack costly?

The cost varies greatly and depends on the size of the business, the team, and really the ROI for the organization in terms of productivity and sales it helps drive.

4) Can a sales tech stack improve sales productivity?

Absolutely. Tools like Valorx Wave enhance sales productivity by allowing fast, browser-based Salesforce data management, cutting out repetitive tasks and inefficiencies.

5) How does a sales tech stack affect customer experience?

A good sales tech stack greatly enhances the customer experience by streamlining operations and improving the efficacy of the sales reps.