Our Pricing

We believe pricing should be simple and straightforward.



  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited CRM Objects/Entities
  • Multiple Environment Support
  • Valorx App Store
  • Express Mode
  • Favorite Apps
  • Email Support


  • Run your Fusion apps in cloud
  • Limitless use cases
  • Scheduled Execution
  • Document Generation
  • Data Migration
Call Limit Wind Call Limit is the yearly number of App executions in the cloud. Each call includes 30 seconds of cloud compute.













Comes with 3 Fusion licenses

Valorx Solutions

Salesforce CPQ Toolkit

Free for all Fusion users

Quote Line Editor

  • Handle 100’s of quote lines in a single fully editable grid
  • Manage multiple bundles and standalone lines at the same time
  • Supports multiple custom fields, launches directly from Salesforce Quote
  • Smart throttling to avoid timeouts and governor limit failures

Product Rules Console

  • Manage product rules per single or multiple bundles
  • View and manage multiple selection, validation, filter and/or alert rules in a single view

Bundle and Pricing Management

  • Manage bundles, features and pricing in a single view
  • Manage pricing across multiple pricebooks and currencies
  • Add/delete features and options
  • Visualize multiple bundles with unique hierarchy
  • One-click to save all changes

Standalone Product Management

  • All the features of Bundle Management available for standalone products
  • Save lot of Product and Pricing maintenance hours

Business Forecasting and Scheduling

starts at $70 user/month
  • Includes Valorx Fusion
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Multiple Sales Agreement in a unique single window view
  • Supports Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Schedules
  • Salesforce Quantity and Revenue Scheduling
  • Rolling Demand Forecast
  • Supports Custom Data Model
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Commerce Cloud Toolkit

starts at $50 user/month
  • Includes Valorx Fusion
  • Large Cart management
  • Master Data Management for Product and Pricing.
  • Manage multiple Price Lists and Price Books in a single view.
  • Support B2B Commerce Classic and Lightning Data Models.
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